Today I got wet, really really wet, How wet?

Well the kinda wet that you like but don’t want to admit to. The feeling of coolness that sends shivers down your spine that travels to your toes and they curl.

Now this should have been a great feeling right? I should have embraced the wetness, savor this feeling as it doesn’t come very often, but I did not.

Why? Cause One I’m a dude and two.. it was caused from a water hose..

I was helping my kid at his car wash event today and got blasted, sprayed, and sneaked (I think it was done on purpose reason being the culprit was looking with the little gotcha grin). The water was so (insert appropriate sentence enhancer here) cold that I know my boys retreated. However, this was for a good cause. So I’m not gonna plot on how I will seek my revenge on my kid today. He gets his free blast and I will reminisce on this when his kids, blast him with freezing cold, pressurized water that causes his thoughts to go evil for a few seconds, before he realize that he is among the delicate ears (and I’m not referring to children).

Overall, the event was great, I was able to witness cooperating between the haves and have nots and we all were able to raise money for our younglings.