Well been a few days since I last posted…why? Been busy as well as soon as I get an ideas…something steals it…So today I feel like I’m gonna write about nothing…a ramble or a mumble. Those who know me in real life…understand what I mean about this… I have been known to be a rambler especially a mumbler…I was told that I mumble more than I talk…I don’t believe it though…I know I have this habit of thinking out loud and often when I’m thinking to myself, I do talk to myself…this allows me the opportunity to think out or hear what I considering to be correct or rational at the time…It’s easier to me to process things this way…the bad thing is it often leads others to wanting to know what I’m thinking and then when I explain it to them…they wonder WTF and I’m like I told ya so…


Well things I was thinking  and mumbling about today…


Why is it that people assume that I will entertain them just because they show up to my home…My policy is if you want to come over get an invite…And I don’t care if your my parent..


I really like crunchy pizza crust…And Little Cesar’s the best…especially when it’s free and your hungry…when you think about it most things are better when it’s free


I wonder if the doughnut holes are aggravating the misses…don’t want her mad at me today….I do this enough by myself for the holes to assist with her ill feeling toward me


Why is mumbling a bad thing anyway…I mumble because I want to hear Myself talk not for you to know what I’m thinking


If talking to your self is bad…What about lying to yourself?….since so many people do this to themselves on a daily bases…Have you seen the clothes people are wearing


I hate Sundays…cause they always lead to work…and I don’t wanna got to work tomorrow..


I hate this more, when you have plans and things don’t work for you…and you have some SOB plan works for them… and they have the nerve to offer help to you.


Is it wrong for me to want others to fail, just so they can feel what I feel


Sprits can be lifted by certain things…both are guaranteed to make me go to sleep one just faster than the other


Hmmmm…empty thought now…So I’ll stop