It’s that time again…time for  Monday’s list entitled Doughnuts Dozen. See if you can help me develop more things for the list. Feel free to add more in comments..

  1. It’s the color of water…well I guess water’s actually clear, hmmm….it’s the color of kiddy water
  2. The sky is the same color…and who don’t like the sky…unless you fell from it, I bet that would hurt
  3. It the color of jeans….and nothing like a nice pair of Blue denim jeans…snug to show those lady lumps
  4. Its the color of Smurfs…and they have 101 ways to like the color blue…””
  5. It’s the color…or least a shade of it is… the color of my favorite woman’s eyes…makes me tingle thinking about it
  6. It’s a great emotion…can invoke the deepest sorrow….or inspire greatest ballads…
  7. Remember the Blue Man Group?…of course you do…nothing like blue men beating each other, playing music, and shaking their rump..
  8. Blueberries pancakes, blueberry muffins, Blueberry fancy, blueberry lemonade, “Ooooo  Oooo” and blueberry doughnuts...yep I have fillings..
  9. You can beat someone that color…bad for the person who on the receiving in of the color change, but good for you
  10. In the USA, it’s represents the male gender…not the orientation as that color can be a little complex..
  11. It’s a four letter word that you can say without getting in trouble…well unless you are talking about what you just stepped in after leaving Joe’s house…Ew! That’s Blue’s shit!
  12. It’s the color of Cookie Monster and SuperGover!…I really do likeSesame Street…”Good times…Good times”
  13. Believing Lies Usually Entertain…think about it..