It’s Monday and I want to play. So today’s Dozen will be a list about games I like to play. I  played them as a child, teen, or adult. Some I still play. How about you? Tell me what games you have played

  1. Freeze-TagI remember this fondly as the game you get to run, touch someone and they admittedly goes stiff or least until they are unfroze….have you ever stood on one leg while in the running motion?…
  2. Hop-ScotchEnjoyed being the hop scotch king…didn’t know it was mostly played by young girls..
  3. Hide and Go Seekwhich eventually upgraded to Hide and Go Hunch…Yeah I know…I was fresh…but so where the kids I were playing with
  4. RacingI raced at everything, walking, running, on roller skates, and especially on a bike…the faster the better and gave you bragging rights…Can you catch me?
  5. CheckersRed chips, Black chips and a checkered board…King Me!
  6. Hungry Hungry HipposNothing like feeding white balls to the fat Hippos-Harry, Homer, Henry and Happy
  7. UNOone of the 1st competitive card games I learned to love to play-Go Fish and Match were not competitive
  8. Gin Rummycan’t recall who taught me this game but I still play it now…but a strip version of it..
  9. Spadesnothing like sticking the Big Joker on your forehead when you know you have the other team stuck…
  10. Dungeon and Dragonsswords, armor, magic and beautiful women…got hooked on imaginative role play as a 13 year old…still playing today…creating a world, ruling it and killing those who don’t follow the rules, while rewarding those who do…hmmm…sound familiar?
  11. Super Mario BrothersA little, big mustache man, in red overalls, running, jumping, collecting coins, going into big pipes and saving a Princess…while avoids pits, turtles, man eating plants, fire balls, walking mushrooms and Bowser…what’s not to like?
  12. Mind gamesUnfortunately, you have to have one to play with though…otherwise it’s no fun
  13. DozenThis have taken years to learn to play and longer to master, but I love a good dozen game…Wanna Play?