The previous week was rough…death is a experience we all must go but most doesn’t want to face it. In tribute to the love I’ve I loss this past week…Doughnuts’ Dozen is about my dear Uncle..

  1. John…Hebrew meaning of God is Gracious…Was he gracious?  To me he was…He graciously told me how he felt about my family and this made me proud
  2. Short….Yes, he was height deficient like me…But that made him more special…As great men do come in small packages and size seven shoes
  3. Loud…I don’t know if it was in the genes or just the way he spoke, but his inside voice was equivalent to his outside voice
  4. Long wind…This was a blessing and a curse…Ever have to wait for a family dinner to start after a long winded person gave blessing?….Well lets say…you better not be too hungry…because you were going to wait; however listening to his stories were a great way to past times
  5. Landscaping…By trade means to  improve the aesthetic appearance…”Unc” was great at this and it was not just his ability to shape a hedge, but his ability to change your life once he spoke to you
  6. Eccentric….His style was one of a kind…and no matter how we wanted to change him from that ..brown polyester suit…he wouldn’t let it go…least not until he found his blue one
  7. Laughter…I have share many laughs at his expense…i.e. the traffic stop, but anyone hearing his laugh can not forget
  8. Nickname…He like most of the male is the family have a alias…His was  Chunk…Why? I don’t know…Didn’t learn his surname until I was an adult..
  9. Choice…We all will be faced with difficult choices in our life that will impact those around us…often don’t understand the ramification of our decision until it is too late….He chose…We lost
  10. Grey hairs….I was given the opportunity to shave him…many grey hairs to remove from his face…dry razor…no bumps…informed me he have been shaving like this for all his life…with each stroke I removed the sign of old age restoring him to his youthful appearance, but I could not remove the illness that was consuming him…if only I could
  11. One…His passing leaves only one…one male of the original 16..with generations to follow…but one male to carry the family name..
  12. Pious…He was a pious man, but not a fanatic…this I could respect as religion have it ‘s place in everyone’s life…and the belief for some is more important than other…but like he told me before I left me…”Doughnut, Give God his time, for this his how your blessings will come”
  13. Insight…thank you Uncle Chunk as you have provide me with many found memories, words of wisdom, and insight about life…you can rest now, no more pain or suffering, and you will not be forgotten