In  a few days I would be revisiting a time in my life when I embarked on a journey…made a decision that would not only affect, impact, and alter my world; but the world of all those who were apart of my inner circle.  I had been participating in activities that I knew were risky, but I didn’t care …I enjoyed the company, was excited by the sense of adventure, and loved the feelings I were receiving by being an active participant…however like all things in life the consequences for those action have to be addressed…I was later informed that my actions lead to the development of one of my 1st dilemmas…A message was delivered that I was going to have an additional title…one that I was not really ready to have, but I was willing to embrace…this was a good thing, least I told myself, I was nervous, I was scared, and I was clueless…But I was determined that I was not going to embark on any journey alone, as I had witnessed this and it was not an easy task…family meant too much to me…Now was I ready to do this? Was I ready to become intertwined with another individual? Was I ready for a life long commitment? Shit, I didn’t know…I felt I was…I consulted with my counselors (superior officers, friends, and associates) and they all gave different advice…some I liked…others I didn’t…But the ultimate decision was mine to make…So I did…I had made plans in my mind of what I would do to address the difference…For I am doughnut and she is a sweet tart…Well let’s say that my plans didn’t not go as planned but…Like I said they did work out…


In a few days, fourteen years ago…I would pick up a burden…but a blessing…I would become responsible for not only myself, but other individuals…When I look back today, I do not regret my decision…I don’t regret the blessing that have been given to me…and the pain I have endured…I would do it again, but this time I would not run away to become one…least not without engaging in  a longer chase…as the chase is what makes things fun..


So thank you sweet tart…thank you for the years or service, the ups and downs on the roller coaster, the excitement and the boredom of learning a new language, the doughnut holes,  the reminders, the hugs and the kisses, the opportunity to witness the inner working of sweet tarts, the opportunity to educate and be educated, and for being my best female friend…love you and see you on the other side of the oven