“Don’t say that”…Words are meant to be said…too bad your mind’s in the gutter. Doughnuts’ Dozen will be over four letter words that you can get your parent to say while having a laugh at their expense..

  1. Come-as  child saying come when you actually knew what it meant was always funny
  2. Head-having a Big head was considered a good thing, getting a head is better. What makes it funnier is when you get your parents to say they want to
  3. Fort-only funny when you say it fast…then you sound like you are having internal problem…don’t forget to chew your Tums
  4. Burn-getting burned is never good, even if you have fun doing it…try explain the redness on your knees to your mother
  5. Laid-anything wrong with lying something down?…only when your not the one getting laid…your parent always want you to lay something somewhere….so go lay it down and be good at it
  6. Knob-knobs are…”snicker”…ok…need I say more..
  7. Shag-never knew what this was until the Austin Powers movies….but now that I do…it makes perfect sense…who would like the word shag….and your parents love the shag too
  8. Boob-never can go word with boob, kids learn to spell it on the calculator when you should be doing Math…but it’s cooler when the boob is really a dumb person
  9. Dick…so wrong on so many levels….who in there right mind would name there child dick and not expect for a tease
  10. Hell…learned this in church…actually not a good place to go…but reading it out loud at Sunday school was the best…emphasizing Hell are each time someone pass by or do something wrong to me
  11.  Taco…you like Taco Bell?….everyone like tacos…especially Taco salads…make sure you get it tossed
  12. Damn…another word in the great book…and being able to damn things to  Hell make you even better of a solider
  13. Ball…People like balls, like playing with them,  juggling them, keeping them safe and out of the street, playing with your ball is a good thing and it will keep you occupied