There are often acts of kindness that really mean something. We never know how the deeds we do will truly impact the person. I had the pleasure of experiencing an act of kindness a few days ago that I must share before the years end. I, being the job that I have, do good deeds all the time. I do them not because I am told to do them but because it’s the nature of the job and it’s in my nature. Deep within, I know I’m a good person, just covered with dirt, grime, snot, a few dashes of evil doings. I have wronged few, but those wrongs are often with such magnitude that it equates to the wronging many. I apologize for what I do and have done and move on as I try my best to make amends to my deeds.


However, I have found it a rarity to receive true good deeds from strangers. I receive them often from my family and a few from those who know me, but not strangers. People or should I say society today have been reared (least inAmerica) to look out for numbero uno, the big guy and that’s that. The thought is others should be able to “pull themselves up by their boot straps” or “tough it out” to make it. But we often forget that everyone and I mean everyone needs others to make it. To move forward in life, for we are social creatures and need each other.


Now my job often take me to other parts of the state to see my children, because I can not always serve them locally and they can not received the treatment needed locally. This particular day, I had been traveling back after the great visit I had.  And I was really hungry, money is a funny thing. It’s like whenever you need it, you don’t have it and if you do, it’s either not enough or in the wrong form. For me it was the later.


As I drove along for several hours, the hunger I had was a little unbearable and for some reason today I wanted some boiled peanuts. I had taken this road several times and often saw a little side merchant who sold boiled peanuts at his roadside stand and I always figured he was part of the convenient store he was stationed by. He had been there for years and had a professional sign for his establishment. So when I arrived, he was there as expected. And I was happy. When you have a craving and it can be satisfied, you really get happy. It seem better than Christmas morning as a kid or any day you receive presents.


Any who…I pulled up to the convenient store where I watched a couple play with their dog, each dressed in a red matching T-shirt, white thermal undershirts, and blue jeans, why do I recall such details? I people watch and I found them interesting. The one lady had a combed Mohawk…hair combed to a Mohawk and gelled to keep in place…and she was given directions to the other lady. While the lady receiving directions were carrying her purse and the lease to the little dog they were attending too. I didn’t speak, but watch them a few more minutes, while I looked for money for the peanuts I wanted. Not finding any I went inside as asked the casher for the location of an ATM


Jaded: “Hello, Do you have an ATM?” I inquired

Cashier: “We don’t have one.” she quickly replied

Jaded: “Do you do overages?” (receiving change for more the amount)

Cashier: “No,” she quickly snapped back…“Is that all?”


Jaded: “Yes, it is…Thanks and Happy Holidays.” I replied


Now what I really thought was: ” Damn…What did I do to you…Ohh…Your mad…Why? Don’t know, don’t really care now.  But Yes, that it is you stuck up, bitchy, tight green shirt wearing, cashier…Don’t blame me for your life behind the counter.. I don’t want to steal anything so stop watching me…yes I saw ya…all Doughnuts don’t steal.. and you could least have offered more information”


But of course I didn’t say that…that’s rude and plus I want my damn peanuts which was more important that this cashier…


Disappointed, craving, and slight pissed, I decided to go ask the owner of the establishment…I felt he did not have a debit reader as the stand didn’t not have set up for this, but hey there is no harm in asking…Mom always said, “worst thing can be said to a request is No”

 So…I assumed his name was Mikey as that was the name posted and plastered on his sign..


Jaded: “Hello, do you take Debit cards?” I doubtfully asked


Mikey: “No” Heh Heh “I don’t, but hey I give you few.”


As he turn around to his pot I was thinking  “WTF…He gonna give me some…Now what’s the catch”


After he handed me the cup of freshly boiled, peanuts, the steam was rising so sheepishly from the cup, the aroma of peanuts, salt, and secret seasoning cradled my nosed as I inhaled it…A huge grateful smile covered my face, as I held the cup..


Doughnut: “Thanks”


Mikey: ” Your welcome, and Merry Christmas”


Doughnut: ” Merry Christmas to you also”


I drove off, headed back in home, quickly eating the peanuts and satisfying this nutty craving.


So what I learned from this experience is that, there are good people in the world. And that they will do acts of kindness without expectation of rewards or compensation.  So don’t think your good deeds will not be rewarded or the world is completely ruined… For kindness is contagious and one deed will produce another…


Oh! By the way, if your traveling on Instate 129 AkA Gray Road SW, look for Mikey’s Hot Boiled Peanuts, best in the state…