“YAWN”…seem like I slept to long and not only missed Monday, but Tuesday as well…Hmm, so I will try and catch with the times…So let’s pretend that it’s Monday and time for a Doughnut Dozen…Since I was a sleepy head, I was thinking about things that dealt with sleep…

  1. Bedding…Now since the dawn of time or least as far back as I can recall, bedding have been a requirement for a decent sleep. Now this have ranged from a rock, twigs and leaves to Temper-Pedic.. But me, bedding is only as good as the “fun” factor
  2. Fun…I like fun in the bed, on top of the bed, next to the bed, away from the bed, even hanging off the bed…but there are other ways to have fun with your bed…Like Jumping on it…better when your smaller, but can work when your large…wrestling with the Doughnut holes on the bed is always fun…They will jump on me and beat me up some, but playing with them is priceless
  3. Covering…I’m a sound but light sleeper…I snore (least I’m told, plus my throat is often sore and dry in the morning) and I can hear things throughout the night that interfere with my sleep. However, I love a warm cozy bed, not sweaty, but warm enough that you could sleep nakie and not worry bout chilly toes or other tender parts. A great covering I have found to be is a general, cotton comforter stuff with the polyester quilt batting, coupled with  200 to 400 thread count flat and fitted sheets, and on a cool night a wool blanket can also help keep off Jack Frost…Oh! Having a heat generator in the bed beside a helps a lot to keep thing nice and cozy
  4. Head Rest AKA Pillow…We use to use rocks…I never used one, but I have used my Kevlar helmet as one when I was out in the field…But that is  another thing…Now I sleep either with two pillows, flattened by years of uses…or on my arm. Why? I don’t know but I do…I also like cuddling when I’m in need of some reassurance…those pillows are soft too, but often interfere with slept…least immediate sleep
  5. Relaxing…Watching television, reading written literature, or playing a card game with the family is also a good use for the bed and can lead to sleep
  6. Dreaming…This occur more often then not during sleep, which happens mostly in bed…but a good dream doesn’t have to happen there…I have had great dreams occur while I was driving or listening to someone who I wasn’t really interested in…I hate to admit it, but those are usually the best ones, as I was able to escape reality for a brief moment and enjoy something new
  7.  “Good” Sleep…You will know what I’m referring to if you have experienced this…and if not…I feel sorry for you…It’s that sleep that you find yourself suddenly awaken from, and you find yourself whipping the side of your face, removing drool with the back of your hand, while looking around to see if anyone noticed it…You will then stop and think…”Darn, that was a good____.”  You stretch, then return to your previous activity
  8. Sleep Attire….Some call these P. J’s. pajamas, jam jams, nite, nite clothes, lingerie, or birthday suits…They come in different, sizes, made of different materials, and suits the individual…I feel this is truly a personal preference as I have slept in what I wore all day, as I was too tired to change or too spirited to care…I do feel the birthday suit is the best sleep…Why? Don’t really know, I just really started getting into the feel of material against my skin
  9. Amount…They say the amount of sleep varies…It’s according to your age, gender, culture, and experiences….I don’t know about others, but I function better on 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep…do I get that…Hell No!…I’m good if I get 5 hours…But I have adjusted and probably be one of the reason…that sneaky Death get me before I’m ready
  10. Fight…Yeah! Fighting…This is something I have learned to master since I was a kid. Fighting sleep is a required adult trait…least I think so…We fight it all the time. Either Fighting to stay awake, so we want loose what we value (work, life, love one-ever fell asleep on a date or worst during the game-that’s a big No! No! and a quick way to never get to play again), or fighting our offspring to “Go To Sleep” or as Samuel L. Jackson put it ever so gently while reading Adam Mansbach’s book…“Go the Fuck To Sleep.”
  11. Milk and Cookies….Hmm , I’m not a milk and cookies fan before bed, but I do get a snack before bed. Sometimes I have to get a Gatorade to replenish the nutrients lost during the game (the series works)…I don’t know why warm milk and cookies would put you to sleep…Hmmm…Maybe it’s the connection to the warm milk you would get while suckling as a babe…
  12. Position…I’m a side sleeper…I figure I rotate during the night like most people, but I will not knowing sleep on my back…This comes from a terrible experience of “witch riding“…it occurred to me when I was 13 years of age…I had fallen asleep and began to have my usual series of nightmares….but I had learned to control what occurs in my dreams so I was not getting killed, mutilated, and other horrible things. Also I learned,  when all else fail I could awaken…This particular night, I woke up as the dream went extremely wrong, but I could not get up…I was paralyzed from my shoulders down, while on my back…and the dream was continuing while I was awake…I called out for help but could not get any… and I could not move until morning (sun arose)..this was so traumatic that I altered my sleeping pattern…
  13. Music…I love music, the stronger the beat, the better to me…words…do have their place…but I’m about the music…during sleep, I love music playing in the background, soft jazz, new age music, low techno, a choral ensemble as long as the words are inaudible…otherwise they will interfere and become looped in my dreams…I know little kids love music as well for sleep…lullabies and some fall asleep with the sounds of the local radio station blasting…don’t think that’s too good for them but “eh”…to each their own…just leave mine alone

Well sleep is mini death…so enjoy each practice run…What are some things that you think of when sleep is the subject?