Oww!! Oww!! .being in the oven for two weeks make you burn…Two Mondays have come and gone…but the Today I have a dozen that was inspired by the trips I had today…Doughnut, Liver and Onions (I’ll explain later) went on trip and I have come to the realization that often, we are placed in people lives for a reason…Mine to be the support for others…theirs to give me a reason to be there…Today’s dozen fresh out of the oven is about this journey and some feeling associated with it…see if you agree..

  1. Duty…Several people I saw today had that same look I had when I arrived at the destination…the look of “Boy, if you weren’t my (fill in the blank) I wouldn’t be here.”  No matter how much we “love” each other sometimes we do things just because it’s our duty
  2. Love…this emotions have caused wars, courageous acts, inspirations, and emotional devastation…I do love them, yes I do…for the things I have put up with… how could I not
  3. Patience…it takes a lot…a mean a truck load of patience to deal with Liver and Onion…though I enjoy it sometime…too much will drive anyone to an upset stomach
  4. Laughter…I do this often with them…sometimes due to the stories they say, often to keep my sanity as often very jaded thoughts try to escape…and that would not be a good thing
  5. Expectations…I am often the one who is expected to do what is right, to stop the mixture, but to allow them to stir as well, to drive them around…and around…and around..Why can’t I do what is wrong sometimes?
  6. Disappointment….This is a long journey I am traveling on and though I receive support from Sweet Tart and others….I’m still disappointed in my siblings response to the matter…Am I wrong to expect them to care even though Liver wasn’t there?
  7. Curious…I am often curious of why others are there….what is wrong with their parts? What’s missing from them? Guess I want know unless I ask…but then I’m breaking privacy laws right?
  8. Embarrassment…The Onion does this quite often…I have came to term that Onion does not have a clue that others are listening or just doesn’t care….because the stories told during lunch are quite personal, but what’s expected from someone who peels so easily?
  9. Hunger…I hunger for more…hunger for food and knowledge as I want to be able to provide what they need…I often have to digest, regurgitate and feed it to them both, but that my job right?
  10. Children…often Liver and Onion acts as children…I gave them a simple task today…”be quiet while I listen to my radio show”…how long did that last…hmm…let’s say about 10mins out of a hour show….I laughed out loud while I cried a little inside
  11. Late…today we were not late…Yeah!!…I had to leave 1 hour and a half before the scheduled travel time for that to occur though…and the appointment still was delayed…least this time it wasn’t their fault
  12. Discrimination…You know I have come to realize, today I saw just as many sick doughnuts, as I saw bagels…It’s comforting to know that all pastries suffer the same fate…death
  13. Strength…I will need this for this long road ahead…though the burden shall be hard and I do have great support from home…I pray I will be able to continue this and the Liver and Onion will be ok…And if not, I’ll know I have did my best, gave it my all, and will be able to sleep at night..


So what would you do? What would you add to the list?