Please get out of my head!

Please get out of my mind!

I’m sitting in this room.

I’m sitting all the time.


I document all that I see.

I write it as it told to me.

I feel that all is lost

‘Cause many don’t understand the cost.


The cost to speak freely

The cost to be me

A round jaded pastry

Who soon will be free?


I feel the race is won

So I sit

And So I stare

I stare at all that been done,


My friends tell me that I’m doing,

Good- by all who knows

But how good will that be?

If they really knew who run the show


If they really understood the plan

If they wanted to lend a hand

They would seek me some help

And not consider me a nut

For I’m a perfectly, round Jaded Doughnut