A little about me…well I’m a doughnut… a very rounded individual with a hole in the middle. I was given this name as a babe, so I loved it. Later I despised it as a child which evolved to hatred as young adult. So now I am embracing it. Doughnut is who I am, but a jaded one now.  The results of being a social worker, mentor, problem solver, and secret keeper. ..


A little more about me, being as rounded as I am I baked with a Sweet Tart and we have four Doughnut Holes…We have four dogs, two finches, a turtle and some fish…I love to grow things (real and imaginary) and expect a great harvest each time.. We live in a little town/city that have it set of problems but not as worst as others…I have graduated to a Mini-van and quite proud of it…though I still believe bumper stickers are the devil’s creation…Either way glad you stopped by and Welcome to the hole in the middle