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Been a while, but I have to Blog…And Being a Monday, it’s Much easier to jump back into the swing of things…Today have been a sprinkle sprayer, powdered sugar keg of a day…But it fueled my thoughts and I have more to write about then I have time to type..So today’s Doughnut Dozen will be about the reason I feel Doughnuts shouldn’t be a social worker…

  1. Rounded…You would think that a rounded individual would make a great social worker…but I have learned today..that  Nope!…Sticks are better….Straight and to the point…Who needs to come full circle about things anymore?
  2. Taste…Sweetness is a great trait to have as a social worker…being able to be kind to helpless pastries…Nope!…Not the sweetness of cane syrup, but more like sweetness of a Granny Smith Apples…Good a bitter, leave a great after taste.
  3. Solid…Someone who is determining the likelihood you are going to get your little ones back should be solid…Right?…Nope!… I have learned…that being a little flakey is best…Who needs to feel secure anymore?
  4. Dozen…A Dozens like a team…It takes everyone to make the whole thing work…Oh, Wait!…That not for social workers…plus to be Eaten first is the best experience…
  5. Variety…Another important point…Some like chocolate, powered, or even cream filled and it’s a successful practice of building a dozen, but not for social workers…We think as One..The One who Tell Command Us what to Do….
  6. Middle Hole…Great for Doughnuts…Let others see through you…but also fall in…Not for social workers…having holes or gaps in ANYTHING is bad for us…
  7. Filled…Doughnuts are filled with All kind of stuff…and so are social workers…but not the stuff of Doughnuts…unless you like, disturbing memories of what people do to other people…
  8. Packaged for Consumption…The best way to be given to the public…social workers can’t be packaged…if they are…I’m sure you Don’t want to eat them…Read #7 again
  9. Breakdown…Ever eaten a soggy Doughnut? Well to have a breakdown as a social worker is like eating a soggy Doughnut…It’s not a good thing
  10. Getting Stale…Over a period of time things better with age…Wine, Diamonds, and even Cheese…Doughnuts?…Nope…They get stale, moldy, and releases poisons…Hmm?…Sounds like a aged social worker to me
  11. Emotionless…Well Doughnuts don’t feel…They don’t care about what’s going on around them…to come to think about it…Neither do Bagels, Cream Puffs, or Sweet Tarts…But social workers should care…should feel some emotions…some do…but many don’t
  12. Flexibility…Well can’t say a Doughnut can be flexible…maybe a Doughnut for a car…They can bounce…But social workers are…they are stretchy too…Either way, this is a REAL BIG problem…flexibility leads to instability i.e. #9
  13. Simplicity…A Doughnut is a very simple thing, round, fat, predictable, and understands its purpose in life…to be eaten, enjoyed, digested and recycled…Not  the life of a social worker…It is required to be as complex as possible…because this makes a social worker stronger, wiser, and able to handle what life toss it’s way…Really? Ha! Ha!..and they call me simple

Well hoped this gave a little insight on my reasoning doughnuts do not make good social workers…being rounded is good thing…but being jaded is much better…Whatcha think?


Doughnut’s Liver and Onion

Ok… I talked about Liver and Onion on yesterday, but I have not introduced them formally…..Well since Me mom actually provided me with some home training (manners), I’ll do this now…


Liver is well you know that large organ in your body…actually the only exposed one in your internal system…He is very rich in minerals, a great filter and without it you will die…pretty painful actually….So the Liver I’m referring to is that one…My Liver is sick…really sick and must be replaced…after years of filtering, way too much alcohol, social drugs, and other stuff… compounded with a mean bug caught in the process…my Liver is dying….The Liver have recognized it’s mistakes and finally came to term to its fate, but that doesn’t mean that it will be any easier for me…because being replaced is never easy and there is no way not to take it personal…so it’s behavior is expected…


Now Onion is the just that an Onion…it makes you cry when it burst open, but it also goes great with Liver…the many layers often prevent you from reaching it soft tender shoots, but this is eased by peeling the layers back, though they take a little work it worth it…Often Onion causes tears, indigestion, and many trips to the bathroom, but I would not have it any other way, because without Onion I would not still have my Liver…Liver feel in love with Onion and want let go…others have tried to persuade them…others have tried to tear them apart…but you can’t and I don’t try….


I have been dealing more with Liver and Onion since Liver’s sickness and we now understand that the journey were on is ours…we want others’ help and will take it, but receive only a few assist along the way…This frustrates me as I’m not ready to lose Liver as I just found it and it would be SO unfair it that happens…


Well Hope this helps as  I talk about them…and If not ask..or just keep reading as I post…you’ll get to know them just as I have…One hour at a time…

Oww!! Oww!! .being in the oven for two weeks make you burn…Two Mondays have come and gone…but the Today I have a dozen that was inspired by the trips I had today…Doughnut, Liver and Onions (I’ll explain later) went on trip and I have come to the realization that often, we are placed in people lives for a reason…Mine to be the support for others…theirs to give me a reason to be there…Today’s dozen fresh out of the oven is about this journey and some feeling associated with it…see if you agree..

  1. Duty…Several people I saw today had that same look I had when I arrived at the destination…the look of “Boy, if you weren’t my (fill in the blank) I wouldn’t be here.”  No matter how much we “love” each other sometimes we do things just because it’s our duty
  2. Love…this emotions have caused wars, courageous acts, inspirations, and emotional devastation…I do love them, yes I do…for the things I have put up with… how could I not
  3. Patience…it takes a lot…a mean a truck load of patience to deal with Liver and Onion…though I enjoy it sometime…too much will drive anyone to an upset stomach
  4. Laughter…I do this often with them…sometimes due to the stories they say, often to keep my sanity as often very jaded thoughts try to escape…and that would not be a good thing
  5. Expectations…I am often the one who is expected to do what is right, to stop the mixture, but to allow them to stir as well, to drive them around…and around…and around..Why can’t I do what is wrong sometimes?
  6. Disappointment….This is a long journey I am traveling on and though I receive support from Sweet Tart and others….I’m still disappointed in my siblings response to the matter…Am I wrong to expect them to care even though Liver wasn’t there?
  7. Curious…I am often curious of why others are there….what is wrong with their parts? What’s missing from them? Guess I want know unless I ask…but then I’m breaking privacy laws right?
  8. Embarrassment…The Onion does this quite often…I have came to term that Onion does not have a clue that others are listening or just doesn’t care….because the stories told during lunch are quite personal, but what’s expected from someone who peels so easily?
  9. Hunger…I hunger for more…hunger for food and knowledge as I want to be able to provide what they need…I often have to digest, regurgitate and feed it to them both, but that my job right?
  10. Children…often Liver and Onion acts as children…I gave them a simple task today…”be quiet while I listen to my radio show”…how long did that last…hmm…let’s say about 10mins out of a hour show….I laughed out loud while I cried a little inside
  11. Late…today we were not late…Yeah!!…I had to leave 1 hour and a half before the scheduled travel time for that to occur though…and the appointment still was delayed…least this time it wasn’t their fault
  12. Discrimination…You know I have come to realize, today I saw just as many sick doughnuts, as I saw bagels…It’s comforting to know that all pastries suffer the same fate…death
  13. Strength…I will need this for this long road ahead…though the burden shall be hard and I do have great support from home…I pray I will be able to continue this and the Liver and Onion will be ok…And if not, I’ll know I have did my best, gave it my all, and will be able to sleep at night..


So what would you do? What would you add to the list?

Wow!!..Night already and I’m finally able to write down a few thought of mine…been a few weeks and I have a lot of them going on in my head…and I will let them old thought go but as of now I’m feeling a little doughnutish today…I explain “doughnutish” is a the feeling you get when feel that life haven’t given you all the information when dealing with a situation; therefore, leaving you with a large hole in the middle”…Only problem with me is when I get this way..I tend to embrace it and fall within the hole…

Why do I feel this way today?…well today I was presented with an unknown but one that causes me to rethink my view of myself…I consider myself a very rounded individual…I don’t consider myself better than ten the next doughnut, bagel, pretzels, biscuits, or sweet tart I deal with; but lately with all the media attention to the difference of us all, the feeling we have when dealing with differences and the treatments of such difference, I makes me wonder…Do I hate and don’t really want to say I do…

I know I like being around those like me…shoot doughnuts sell better as a dozen then single…but is my preference due to my natural want to be around pastries who are like me or is this just what I think I want to do…reason I say that is I often feel funny around other doughnuts…like they know I’m not really one of them…wonder what they are thinking, feeling and what they say about me when I leave…then to make It worst, I find myself talking about them as well…about how they should know better, how dressing up doesn’t change the fact that they are doughnuts and always will be…does this make me a doughnut hater?

When around others, not like me…I feel funny…I watch and wait, but often try to catch them of guard and mentally attack them, so that I can always seem ahead, even though I quite feel that I’m behind…This helps me support or justify my dislike, but also helps me understand those I’m really trying to understand…Is it a nice thing? Probably not, but I don’t care…It’s about me and my ability to understand the world and the pastries around me…

With the steady destruction of others, it’s easy to become desensitized. This is my problem I feel, but when I was presented with the idea that one of my fellow doughnuts wanted to go to Pakistan to study new found religion, my mind automatically went to training camps and self destruction….I feel I was wrong for the assumption and don’t really this is what the goal is for the visit; however, this stupid hole in me (JD) is say you know this is or what is going on with him….I honestly know all Muslims aren’t terrorist and for me to even think this is wrong…I hate stereotypes, and I know better than to do this, but I find myself doing this more lately…saw a lady today dressed very ..Let’s say…”loose” and the first thing pops in my mind is prostitute…was I right? No….well least I think no..I didn’t ask her…either way I was wrong…and being in my profession know better…then to draw conclusions from simple glances without getting information

When I think about it, I don’t hate…pastries….I just dislike people…people have a way of getting things wrong, passing judgments, and not trying to fix things…while pastries are too busy trying to live and not get eaten up by the people of society…So what I have to do is to stay a doughnut, a little jaded and let things “ride it out”…because life usually fix itself one way or another..

“The week goes by fast when your having fun”…least what I was told…And I am beginning to believe that this is quite true…But then I was told that “it’s not going faster, I’m just moving slower”…that the older you get the faster the time appears to trickle away…Well ain’t that just dandy…another reason why I do not like getting older…So today’s dozen is about why I don’t like getting older, old things including people and many more “aging things”…


  1. Loss of Hair…the crown or glory as some call it….it’s a blessing, a sign of youth…you can style it, dye it and it beckons….makes a statement, but as you get older, it seems to loose it’s luster and fall out more…I think this because I have notice more male and female pattern baldness then I’m happy to acknowledge…and no matter how you try to fluff it out, comb it over…everyone can still see your bald head..
  2. Saggy Skin…I was told that this would come when I ate too much and then loss weight quickly, or stop going to the gym…well I have notice a lot of saggy skin on old people…the flabby skin folds that dangle from different body parts are not attractive…and gives me shivers when they touch me during granny’s embrace…
  3. Eh!”,  “Whatcha say?”, “Can you repeat that?”….The loss of hearing is something I’m really not looking forward too either…I know years of cochlea vibrations, Q-Tip swabbing, and loud, thumping music didn’t help much, but constant repeating myself doesn’t help either…
  4. “Who are you? Come a little closer please?”…No! I don’t want to come closer to you, sorry you can’t see me…but that’s what happens when you get old…heavy eye staring, long hours at work or television watching is a way to really ruin your eyes… maybe it’s the constant bombardment of butt crack, and undergarment from sagging pants is the real culprit
  5. Bad Odor…Ok, is it just me or do older things just smell funny?…Not funny Ha..Ha…but funny bad…like a different, unpleasant smell…from flowers, to people…old stuff smell funny….and what I find weird is that the older you get, the more pleasant the funny smell becomes…
  6. Beer…Unlike wine…Beer doesn’t taste better the older it gets…aged beer taste like bitter bath water (don’t ask)…just believe me it do…best beer is cold…fresh from the tap…
  7. Stress…I hate this with a  passion…and guess what I learned? It causes aging….I know this is true cause I look at people I work with daily  and they look “old as hell” no matter how much make up they use to hide it…
  8. Elderly Drivers…Ok..I know some would say this is a stereotype, because their grandmother is a “speed demon.”  Maybe your grandmas is, but 99% of the others aren’t and after watching the little old couple hold traffic up on the interstate as I was traveling, while their right blinker was on…I feel this is true…I really feel we should retest our elder drivers so that they can keep their license..
  9. Stories Tellers…I love stories…”new ones”…but I have been caught in the loop of a story by my elders and I think this is a shared experience…How you can tell if a loop have occurred is as the story is being delivered, the recipient continues to stare, eyes glazed over, mouth agape while each word slowly and carefully escapes the story teller’s mouth…I try not to get into those situations by avoiding the storyteller at all cost…
  10. Speed Deficient….I know this is true…as I have slowed down…I recall sprinting, jumping, and playing ball all in the same stride…if I try that now…I’ll be laying on the ground, mimicking Red Fox…”warning  Elizabeth”…I watch them and now realize that they can not help it, but still don’t like it
  11. Stomach Problems…I really hate this about getting old…I use to pride myself in the “cauldron” I use to call my stomach, I could mix and toss all kind of things in there and keep going…now it’s more like a small clay pot…easily cracked, and can’t hold things too hot or too cold without consideration
  12. Reliability…No matter how much we want to think that old things will always be there…the truth is…they won’t…not that they don’t want too…it just the way it is…reliable at first…but will eventually let you down
  13. Death…The worst things about being old or having something that is old…is that it will eventually stop working…Death will come and take what’s his and all you can do (unless your what’s Death’s after) is to get something knew or move on to something better…either way it Sucks..

Well I tell people often…least if they ask…that I do not like old people and things…but now I’m becoming one…Slow, and Senile…But enjoying every minute of it…So get off my lawn…and let me have the fast lane

The past week have been an exhausting one for me and today’s Dozen are the about things that make me tired…See if these are some you share or is it just me…

  1. Work…Well I know this should make you tired, but lately I have been really tired after work….I am tired of all the bull they want me to do without increasing my pay…
  2. Clueless People…Why do we even have people like this…I was wondering if this was a disease,  a mental mishap, or just plain laziness…After this week I’m leaning towards, the mental explanation…do they make a pill for this…it would be nice if they did…
  3. Reality…I have had to come to terms with some serious things this past week…the reality of death really struck home…loosing someone is hard, but accepting the fact that the loss is something you can only delay is harder to me..
  4. Wondering…I hate doing this, the possibilities, wishful thinking, pleading with, empty promises, “shoulda, woulda, and coulda’s” are tiring to me…for no one can change the past, but only wonder what will occur in the future if they proceed with an action
  5. Driving…I recall as a teen I could not wait to drive…I just knew this new found freedom would give me an endless supply of…something…but know since I drive as part of my job, I realize this is not fun…and you are really tried after it…Why? cause I deal with #2’s while doing #6 regarding their #7’s
  6. Listening…Do you ever get tired of hearing…I don’t want to be deaf but I was definitely tired of hearing a person talk this week…I thought on several occasions “If I could rip my earlobes off and puncture my eardrums, I would just so that I could not hear another word….Ah!!…Please SHUT UP!!!”
  7. Bad Decisions….I have make a few of these this past week…and the funny thing about them is…one they are made, it hard as hell to fix…why do this make me tired? Have you ever tried to fix a bad decision before? Only to have more bad come from it….exactly!…it’s an never ending process
  8. Waiting…I know I wasted several hours of my life I will never, ever, ever, ever, get back…just by waiting for answers to questions…was it worth it, only 5% of the time spent…I REALLY value my time I have on this planet…and waiting bores me, makes me sleepy and when I have a constant source of frustration in my ear…pains me
  9. Wardrobe Malfunction…I was blessed to be placed in a room of people who wardrobe was as terrible as the coffee they offered while I waited…I usually can laugh at this; however, this time it was not funny…just sad and sadness make me tired…
  10. Crying…often I cry…not tears on the outside, but tears inside…my heart if often broken by things I really care about, this causes my to head hurt resulting in sleepiness…although tears can make feel much better when shed in an appropriate manner…I still get sleepy though…term ‘cry yourself to sleep?”
  11. Spirits…Yes the Doughnut likes to absorb the spirits and this causes sleepiness…Why? I guess when bread gets wet it droops…I really hate this as droopy doughnuts are not good..
  12. Repetition…Why do this make me tired?!…I thought hearing grandpa’s fishing story would be a great thing, a bonding moment, something I can share with my children…but not if you hear the story 10 times while traveling one way for the 1st stop…..only thing good receptive is the Sweet Tart’s “loving ways”
  13. Play…All work and no play makes thing, old and grey…Playing would actually worked to boost my energy, but the lack of playing is what made me sleepy…

Another holiday that falls on a Monday…today’s holiday is Washington’s Day or Presidents’ Day which the doughnut holes celebrated today…me? I had to work and was given the gift of more work on a holiday…Well to celebrate the holiday…Doughnut’s Dozen is about Presidents…

  1. George Washington…Consider the first President of the United States of America…I heard he never told a lie…Do I believe this…Nope….He was a politician…
  2. Priscilla Parker…President of We Remember Elvis Fan Club….Not a fan of the man but apparently he was famous enough to have a fan club…hey I want a fan club too..
  3. Leader…I feel that  president should a be a good leader…the first to lead the pack in listening, acting on what is right for the greater good, and asking the question for the followers
  4. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad…President ofIran…wouldn’t seems that one guy could cause such a  stir….hope he knows what he is doing
  5. Birth Certificate…To be a leader you have to be born in the country you wants to live in…least this is true with theUnited States of America…current president going through issues about a document that was presented….Why can’t we accept things as it is
  6. Prime Minster…….I’m glad we don’t have those…sounds too close to Prime Ribs…either way some countries have those type of leaders.
  7. Stephen HarperThe prime mister for Canada…need I say more..
  8. Promises…All candidates of America Politics make promises…”I promise if I’m elected...” We all now they mean well while others don’t….I don’t make promises cause if I don’t keep them I’ll be really upset
  9. Relationships…It is very good that our presidents keep a positive relationship going on at all time…if do not we may in up with another holiday debacle….but we really love scandals..
  10. Abraham Lincoln…Presidents often have to make decisions that are not favorable for him…Abe did this and allowed a lot of Doughnuts, bagels, and sweet tarts to be to be consumed by all who choose too…removing the glass case is always  freeing experience
  11. Beta Club…I was president for two years in their club…I enjoyed the power and the gavel…not say the perks of being the first doughnut to make it out side for free
  12. Power…Presidents have power bestowed to them…the have the ability affect those they are chosen to lead…and how they use this power determines how long their term or effective their rule is…
  13. Obama…this is The Jaded’s current president…He is serving during a time where things are rough, but improving…he was believe to bring great change to the United States and he did; however, with change comes pain and some people do not want this…It’s sad they don’t, because they are hurting it for those who do…

Presidents are a good thing as it gives us someone to blame for our short comings and flaws…which we need…

As a developing Doughnut…Yes! I was once a Doughnut Hole…I felt I always wanted love, to have someone who loved me and expressed their love. I wanted all the bagels, doughnuts, sweet tartsvia Punk_Ghost_Girl 11, pretzels sticks, muffins, and buns to know that I was just as special as them…Well I have that now and I’m glad, but now I see that Valentines Day is NOT Jaded’s favorite holiday and since I can’t be all hating on Val-U-time’s Day cause Sweet Tart would kill me…Doughnut’s Dozen for this Monday is why I dislike the holiday…and others do too…enjoy

  1. Too Mushy-I want a hard holiday like…Halloween or Saint Patrick’s Day…not a huggy, feely holiday…too much love make me sick…like eating a sugar coated sugar cube…too much of a good thing
  2. Red-Now I like the color and boy does it look good on the Sweet Tart…But that color also reminds me of death and destruction…causing people harm can be loving too I guess…Term “Love you to death” ring a bell?
  3. Hearts-Giving someone your heart is a good idea?…Ever tried living without one…Oh wait! …you can’t….But guess what we give ours away every year and then expect to receive it back…
  4. Expectations-I think this is the cruelest part of the holiday…expecting to receive something, especially when your young and then you don’t…not only does this signifies no one like you…but your also stupid for expecting someone to give you something that says otherwise
  5. Flowers-Only good flowers are dead ones…crushed them to make potpourri…burn them…just don’t give them to me..
  6. Loneliness-Now years of being alone will drive people to do some crazy things…but things are worst on Valentines Day…Why? Maybe cause Public Affection forces you to see you really are alone…no matter what your mother told you…her love is not the same…
  7. Public Affection-I didn’t think this was an issues until you witness two people who should not be expressing any affections and especially not publicly…Hey I do need a job though…
  8. Hook ups-You would think a hook up is a good thing right?…Wrong!…They lead to unwanted offspring, dead beat parents, higher tax burden, and more work for me…so please no hooking up
  9. Unwanted Gifts-Have you ever given a gift and the person didn’t want it?…You know how hard it was not to slap the taste out their mouth when you spent all those hours searching for the perfect gift, only for it not to be appreciated…Well this feeling is intensified when you add  in the “Love” component…
  10. Love-Ok, can anyone really define this to me…All I recall was it made me feel like I was gonna wet my pants, while eating something that caused my stomach to become queasy, while my forehead became really hot, which affected my higher willed functions…and I don’t like that
  11. Christian Roots-Another holiday based on some Christian dudes dying…all with he same name of Valentine…hmmm….sounds like a conspiracy to me..
  12. Cupid-Getting shot is never fun especially not when a little wing dude, in a diaper, who like shooting you in the butt did it…A little freaky to me..
  13. Six grade-All this hatred for Valentines started when I did not receive anything from the little bagel sitting next to me in class…I had such a  major crush , but she had know idea…Sent her a carnation with the money I saved…and all she  gave me was a stupid little class Valentines’ card…sounds like a great T-shirt Idea

This is why I have a strong dislike for  the holiday…I will celebrate it with my family, friend, and people I really care about…and mean everything I say during that day…

A Doughnut For Whitney

Found  in the bathroom,

Wet on the floor,

Slick and shiny,

Close to the door.


Those who found me,

Wish they knew,

Why I lie there in the nude.


Was I murdered?

Or was it suicide?

What was I doing?

What was I trying to hide?


If they look deep.

If only they search,

They will find their answers

without having to lurk.


Around the tables,

Around the chairs,

look in my closet

be sure to look down stairs.


He always leave clues,

to what happens to thee.

But All I care is,

will you remember me?


Recall all the things.

I’ve done for the good

How I overcame,

the lover from the hood.


A voice compared to angels

and beauty all mine.

Many souls did I move,

with ballads divine.


But will they evoke,

these ballads at all?

Or will they only focus,

On my downfall.


What makes better coverage?

Whatever moves the press,

Selling thousands of records

Is all they do best.


Be sure they will find out

what happened to me.

And notify the world

of things about my privacy.


Because they should know

‘Cause it’s their right!

Hey! They paid for my life

and I got to live in spite


Of all the hard work

the hours I slaved

in learning and mastering

the things they craved.


So, no matter if I lay

here nude on the floor

all slick and shiny

so close to the door.


They’ll only remember.

All they can do is stare.

Because He took me away

and will never share.


R.I.P. Whitney..

Ever sit and think about the amount of time that past…each second, minute, hour, and day…

Time only is as important as the person that keeping it…for a second can be forever, while a day is a mere thought…

Time became an important subject for me today as I confront my inner self…The Jaded One…

Often engaging in conversations with him can be quite the trip…for he is an elusive one he is…always trying to get me into trouble…through means that I have picked up by dealing with others…like today….

I was doing my regular thing, working, talking to myself and watching the words appear on the screen when he start his mischief…

JD: So whatcha doing?

RD: You know what I’m doing…don’t start with me today

JD: What do you mean? I haven’t did anything…only asked a question..

RD:I know that, but your questions lead to other things…last time you asked a question I ended up in trouble and I’m not looking for that today…so leave me be..

JD: Wow! Can’t even ask a question now days without it starting a war with you…you know your such a jerk sometimes..

RD: Jerk?! I’m not a jerk I just don’t have time for your foolishness today…I have a deadline and no one is hear to bother me…so go away!

JD:..OK!, Ok!..

RD: you gone…


RD: Good…now where was I?

JD: talking about that lady you saw the other day…

RD: What?!!  I was talking about some lady….Shit! Now I just dictated that…

JD: “Laughs”

RD: That shit isn’t funny…Leave me be!…I told you I have a deadline to make….

JD: She was a work wasn’t she?

RD: Huh? Whatcha talking about

JD: That lady? The one from yesterday..

RD: What are you talking about…I told you I have not seen a lady the other day

JD: Oh…Maybe it was a man then..

RD: “Ha, Whateva” I got to get back to work..

JD: Yeah! Whateva… I got betta things to do…Talk to you lata sucka…”laugher trails off”

RD: Sucka…Wait!….Damn, he gone and left ..Oh well, now I can get some work done…

What time is it…”looking at the clock on the screen”…What?!! was just 9:15am..Where all my time go….

JD: “Snickers”..