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Santa have come and gone…leaving behind wrapped presents, cookie crumbs and empty glasses
The pitter patter of feet running down the halls, looking, waiting, whispering in anticipation as they see what Santa has delivered and now want to open it
The Holes have torn holes into Santa’s delivery, making sure that he did not error in his delivery because he only come once a year… so no take backs if he got it wrong…Luckily for them we (Sweet Tart and I) always keep extra batteries and “receipt” tape for such needed corrections..
Trying or “testing” each and every one of them makes for a long day, but the Holes explain to me that they enjoy this part of the day…new toys to play with and so many at once…
Visiting Grandma’s for tummy stuffing and more gifts because the Holes know Santa doesn’t visit Grandma’s home…”She does not have any children at her house”….But a gift is a gift, so they don’t care..
Opening presents that are more clothing than toys can be disappointing, but they dare not say…as Grand’s presents are wrapped with care…and her wrath is distributed with care as well
Tummies are stuffed with holiday foods of cornbread dressing, turkey, ham, a variety of vegetables, cake, pies and plenty of things to wash it all down…
Games are played to entertain…fighting can occur, but trash talking is more likely…Plus, have to train for conflict resolution one way or the other..Right?…
Sleep take over the little one first, as Santa has wore her out…Will he get the others?
Only time can tell and I hear he keeps secrets pretty well…
Today was a good day and though tomorrow brings work and pain…I was glad to have today…As Memories are all we have to keep us sane…


I like the end of the year, least the last quarter of the year more than the others…though I like the Spring time with the flowers blooming, the fresh smell of tilled soil awaiting seeds for bedding, a array of songs filling my ears from the variety of song birds, looking for courtship and the giggles of children at play; and the summer time with the rainy days, listening to the rat-a-tat on the roof and watching the trails of raindrops as they chase each other down the window pane, the bright sweat causing sun that feels so great against the skin, and the thought of no school always was a great thing. However, most of my fondest childhood memories occurred during the end of the year.

One of my fondness memories happened during Christmas. I enjoyed all my Christmases, even if I went to church on then or not, but this Christmas was particularly special to me.  For as  a child, the holidays were made special. My mother would take the time to keep it special by telling stories of old holidays, allowing me to help her bake for the Christmas dinner, participating in the church Christmas program, and ensuring we (my siblings and I) never knew what we got for Christmas. Once the mystery of Santa was out, she would still get our presents in secret and wrap them up, place them under the  Christmas tree, and we would have to wait, looking, sizing them up and trying to guess what we were getting. We learned that we would always get the basic UST’s (underwear, socks and T-shirts) but toys we were sure. She would asked us what we wanted and we would give her our verbal list, then from the list she would select, if she saw fit. Now the problem with this was that during the time new toys would come out and we would add them to the list as well. Now common sense would have told us that the gift she bought were not going to change under the tree but we had faith and believe it could happen.

Well this particular Christmas was different, we had did our regular rituals: put up the Christmas tree with all our handmade ornaments, store bought beads, and tinsel; learn of Christmas speeches so we could “one up” the other church kids by being the smartest ones in the church (long speeches were the key to intelligence-the true IQ test); celebrate Christmas at church and “one up” the other children at the church as planned; invite family and friends over for Christmas dinner; help mother prepare the Christmas dinner, listening to her stories for the umpteen time but I didn’t care because I’m enjoying the alone time; engulf the intoxicating aromas of the food cooking and over all happiness.

I had put in for  Gameboy electronic game system by Nintendo as this was the hot thing. The television version was a no as they felt it would ruin the family television or mess up our eyes.  I thought long and hard about the gift and explained and gave justification of why I should have the gift. She did not give any indication that she was even considering the toy.

Then on Christmas day, we woke up from a sleep deprived night to creep to the living room a wait the opening of the presents. Now my stepfather would want to sleep in… torturing us cause he could…least is what we would thought…so we would have to get mom to wake him up for the gift opening. He would drag in, brush his teeth, get him something to drink (coffee) and then we could say the Christmas morning pray, before we ripped into the gifts.

As the paper went flying,  Christmas bows, sticking to the bottom of our feet as we “Ooo and Ahh” at each other gifts. I recall this particular day as special cause we thought we have seen every gift under the tree…and we asked for Game Boys this year…and after all the toys we open-No Game boy. I was disappointed as I really had been a good child that year and wanted this toy the most. I even tried to save up for it but to no avail. So when it was not there I was really hurt.

Now my mother being the lady that she is pointed to the tree and said” Hey! there is one more present for you boys…open it!” she did not have to say it twice, we looked and there was a big box tucked in the back behind the tree, how we missed it? I don’t know but I could figured that out later. This was the last chance of use receiving the gift, we opened it and our eyes filled excitement as reached into the box an withdrew three Gameboys and games.. it was a Zelda moment when Link found a new weapon.  We held the toys above our head and posed.. Yes, and thanks mom and dad we stated. We played the Gameboy daily to master the games, then sought after others steady feeding our insatiable hunger for electronic games.

I guess this day meant so much cause our mother actually listen to what we said and got what we thought was never gonna happen.  So Christmas wishes do come true.  What was your favorite holiday gift/wish?