Yawn.. I’m sleepy…I don’t want to go to work.. are the first thoughts that cross my mind when I rolled over this morning..Then the arugment..well more of a gentle debate begin between the jade and reason which I’ll call JD and RD .

RD: Ok! Get up handsome, the world awaits

JD: I don’t wanna, a few more minutes of this shit

RD: Nope, you have to get up. Its already past your wake up time and you have to get everyone else up..

JD: No I don’t, they will get up eventually..why should I get them up..she‘s still sleeping..look at her you can hear

RD: You know the deal. Plus you have to shower because you can not got to work smelling like you just got up. And by he way, next time go to bed earlier..

JD: Yeah I WAS the man last night..wonder if I got time for round four..

RD: NO! Stupid! Get up and Get a shower…

I sit up scratch my left butt cheek..Why? I don’t know..but every since I gotten older, I have developed the “old man itch,” but that’s another thing I’ll discuss on a later date..

JD: Now you happy?

I check my phone to verify the time and realized I don’t have to get up..it’s Fucking Saturday..a WTF look creeps across my face..

RD:..Oh?! Yeah.  My Bad!..Hey, but since were up..Wake her up..