Ok! I’m gonna do a  list for Mondays entitle Doughnut’s Dozen. See if you can help me develop more things for the list

  1. Being scratched on a spot I can’t reachCause it’s nothing like that feeling of your skin crawling as the itch is satisfied
  2. Seeing a friend that owes me money and they act like they don’t know what’s going onseeing that person who owe me money and I’m broke cause my insides to turn…I know I shouldn’t have leant it but Nooo…I had to give everyone a chance
  3. Playing with the dog- though I often hate my dogI do enjoy playing with her….a Jack Russell Terrier
  4. Drinking a “spirited” drinkthe more the funnier and the more funnier the more I drink-unless until I get sick or fall a sleep
  5. Watching “Who’s Line Is It Anyway”Don’t know why it stop playing, but I love like Wayne Brady and the crew- they are hilarious
  6. Eating any food that I was cravingyes I get cravings, and it was so satisfying eating jalapeños and ice cream-I paid for it later, but umm that was delicious
  7. Playing with my monkey– who don’t play with their monkey, he’s fun and delightful to play with excepts when he get sick
  8. When other’s play with my monkeyMy monkey like to be played with by other people as well, he does not like everyone though. He often spit on those who he does not like
  9. Hanging out with the doughnut holesthe little ones are so much fun.  Hanging out with them is gratifying, but I do feel bad about it sometime. Why? I don’t know..
  10. Scratching off a lottery ticketWill I win?…always cause me to feel funny…I like playing Lucky 7
  11. Kissing-especially French Kissing cause American kissing is not as funny-What more can I say.. Kissing is pleasurable… and it can lead to other bases
  12. Entering a room for the first timeAre they looking at me or why are they looking at me? are question I would ask. can’t help but wonder what going on the entire time.
  13. Urinating after you been holding it to the point of dancing…that feeling is so close to an orgasm… need I say  more