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I was sitting in my office today, when I realized besides being a Monday, I had this thought…”Hmmm, what are some annoying things I could think of…See if you agree…Doughnut’s Dozen: Stop Bothering Me!!!

  1. The itch…I hate it when I get an inner thigh, upper groin area itch…the itch isn’t that bad, but not being able to scratch it is the problem…Often this occurs when I’m around co-workers and I don’t want to seem as if I got crabs or something…terrible itch…annoying place
  2. The long nose hair…It annoys me when I feel like I have a little solider in my nose and I can’t get to it…then when I finally get a chance to remove him, he won’t move…So I then find myself, digging with such force that my nostril is stretching, but I still can’t reach it, I blow my nose thinking it will dislodge the critter without any results…finally after grabbing a pair of tweezers…and realize that I am not only plucking a long coarse hair from my nose…this hair is grey
  3. Bad breathe…”Ooo” this one is such a killer for me…I can’t understand occasional bad breathe, you know from onions, garlic, and cigarettes…but when you constantly have a S.A.M. (Stankin’ Ass Mouth) there really is a problem…and to make mater worse the offer of masking the nauseating order is not taken…You know your mouth smell like you have been eating rotten cheese and sucking on three days old rancid meat….So please do me a favor and breathe check yourself before you speak to me…or least take the hint
  4. The convo linger…There are some people who don’t get it…they will talk you to death and then revive you within the same sentence…you try and give the  hint that you want to end the conversation, but they don’t get it…so you then began using exit words like…”Well…”I got to..” or  while backing away…”OK”…”Next time I will,…”But I..”  And the worst part about them is you feel guilty that you left them…talking in mid sentence
  5. Fake Eye Candy….Eye candy is something that looks good, but you can not touch or eat…it’s nothing wrong in looking…just touching… fake eye candy is when the candy looks good from a distance, but when you get upon it or it approaches…you realize that the candy have went bad…real bad…it’s like…”Hmmm…Awww!! WTF…Eww” It take a while to get that candy out of you mind, like getting the taste of black liquorish out of your mouth
  6. Being interrupted, when I’ve asked not to be…Respect my time and I will give you so much more…But there are people who don’t understand this and then don’t understand why they feelings are getting hurt over and over again…take a hint and leave me alone
  7. Unannounced home visitors…”Ooo”…This one really annoys me…If I wanted you over I would have invited you…plus at least call me to let me know your coming…never know what I’m up too…the Sweet Tart and I could be playing Dunking Doughnuts..
  8. Flies…I know they serve a greater good…but the buzzing and flying around my head…annoys me…I hate them with a passion and will hunt them down and kill ever last one the comes in my home…I have to be careful though I broke a window trying to kill one of those pesky insects…makes me hate them even more
  9. Pay Day… Which is worst having no money or not having enough…I think the later… for no matter how much you try to make it better…it will never be enough…and choosing who to give your hard earned cash too sucks…
  10. CYA…Trying to protect one self often lead to the destruction of self…People who do this are very annoying as the true purpose of their actions are quickly displayed when their plan fails…leaving them with regret, sorrow…and a “I told you so ” look
  11. Saying I’m Sorry….Apologies are great and I feel they should be given out when needed…but blanket “I’m sorry” aren’t worth anything to me…Prove it,  by changing your ways…and at least know why you are sorry…”That is a starter”
  12. Time…Though we need it for order and civilization…I wish we didn’t….So with time, we realize how limited we are on this planet…How long it will be till the next action, or what’s the rate until the next one expires…Time annoys me
  13. Asking Questions, but then telling me the answer provided was wrong, without researching…It annoys me when  person ask a question of me…I response, then they questions my response or tell me out right that I’m wrong…Why ask me if you already know?

Just a  few things that annoy me…I can think of a few more…But I’ll wait and see what you come up with..


First Monday of 2012 and I’m thinking about first today. I have a had a few first that I would like to recall for this weeks Doughnut’s Dozen…So let’s begin…

  1. Crush…Ok…I recall my first crush…My mother stated that it was Wonder Woman played by Lynda Carter….But I felt it was my Kindergarten teacher…Linda Slade…Why? I don’t know, but either way those attractions did something as I’m drawn ice blue eyes, and the color blue
  2. Pain…I recall the first time I felt true self inflicted pain…I was a riding my red tricycle and decided that I could ride down the back steps of my home…Why? I saw it on television and felt that if they could do it…So could I…Lets just say…after watching the world spin, feeling the crushed as I tumbled down the steps, and hating gravity…I quickly realized that things on television was not true
  3. Fear…For some particular reason, call it a blessing or more of a curse…as a child was really in tuned with the other world…this cause me a lot of fear…but the first I felt terror was the night I saw the flying, flame skull…My mother left my father this week and we went to live with a friend…Well this home, the friend lived in was haunted…like Paranormal Activity haunted…and to make matters worst… The friend loved to sleep in total darkness…The night the skull appeared, the darkness was so thick, I could feel it…the skull was chattering and trying to tell me something, while burning, flew in and out of the room…Scream if I could, but that didn’t occur, as sound would leave my throat, but I was able to relieve my bladder, but unfortunately not in the right receptacle…I didn’t found out what the message was that night…Why? I don’t know…but years later I did…lets just say, there are things worst than death
  4. Discrimination…As Doughnut…you can imagine that are people who don’t like me… Well when your a Doughnut Hole, you don’t know this and the home I was reared in, difference wasn’t a topic that was discussed….I learned that I was really different when I got school…When the children tell you…”You can’t come to my home because your a Doughnut” or “You can’t play with me because your a Doughnut”….I felt hurt, dirty, ugly, and really confused as I was told I could achieve whatever I wanted and the sky was the limit…Well someone should have told that to everyone else Why? Because they felt that they were better and made sure I knew that
  5. Swearing…My family was pious…So swearing was not done…but that didn’t mean I didn’t know the words….I first swore when I went to buy my mother a present at Adam’s Drug Store…now I took my little brother and we went into the store to look for her present…I had saved my pennies to buy something…My mother loved to collect what-knots and ceramic keep sakes…So this is what I was looking for…While in the store, my brother touched a set of bears riding a sew saw and chipped one…The store owner made me buy the set….I swore at my little brother…I remember the feeling I had after I swore at him…I felt dirty, them got scared…cause he would surly tell mother on me…Why? Cause this is what little brothers do..
  6. Anger…I have been mad before, and will continue to get upset…however the first time I really got angry was when I at school….I was being teased by a certain child…well I had taken too many beatings and knew the results of loosing to any child…so I snapped…when I get truly angry, I trembled, and everything  gets a red tinge, I seek blood and have to see it to feel relived…So I did, I punch the child and busted his nose, of course I received a paddling for this behavior…but I felt good about this…Why? Anger building up is a like pressure in a pipe with no where to go…If it doesn’t release…It will burst hurting everyone around
  7. Porn….Riding home from school on my bike, I stopped at the local basketball court to see who was around, no one I knew…So I continued home, but then I saw some paper laying on the side of the road…I was hoping someone had left/dropped their money, so I could give it another home…But when I picked up the items, I saw it was picture of a lady…but she didn’t have any clothes on…Now my little heart raced and my groins reacted to the sudden visual stimuli…I should have thrown the paper down Why? Cause hiding it at home would be the big secret in the household…as I would find them, bring them home, and my mother would throw them away…but would not tell me she did and I could not ask her about them…
  8. Shame….Mom, I love her and always felt she did her best raise me…But the first time I experienced shame was due to her…I didn’t know that clothes I was receiving from my cousin were gender specific…Don’t know if my mother knew or not, but either way, I wore the girl clothes, and they were tight….this was not helpful to the musical class I was taking that day and the teacher called me out on it…Why? I truly think she was just being a bitch that day…
  9. Love…I have been through some of the phases of love…crush, puppy love, infatuation, and lust…there are girls and women for each stages but I first experienced being in love with my sweet tart…Why? Cause love is something that takes a while to develop…you can’t tell is if really love someone until you are willing to change for them, to neglect others, and to feel the pain if they leave
  10. Pride…Ever go several days without eating a full meal?…Honey buns and sodas are not very healthy after a few days…things start to look weird…I quickly learned that pride will kill you…I was so proud of what I could do for myself that I refused to go ask for help when I needed it…Why? Being a 17year old independent Doughnut makes you dumb
  11. Fatherhood….Now this feeling is hard to explained…It’s like receiving a plant that can grown into to what you want; however, the catch is that others can also influence the development, as well as the plant can choose not to grow and no mater what happens, you will always receive the credit for it…You are proud of the bundle of flesh you hold in your hand…and want the best for it…you develop this sense of if something or someone hurt it…you will destroy it….Why? Don’t know…biology?
  12. Alien….With all this immigration drama going on today…I can relate to the aliens that they are fussing about…being in a strange country were you have to learn their rules, speak their language, live by their rules is not an easy task especially if you are living by the rules and experiences of previous individuals…In Korea, this happened to me…not cool…but a great experience to force you to appreciate where you come from…Why? Because not being able to read the signs can lead to being in the wrong place at the wrong time…and we know where this leads..
  13. Spirits….I have felt this in several different forms…as child I felt the spirit…I was a warm sensation that gain control of my body and I danced uncontrollably…Great experience!…As an adult (young), I experienced the spirits caused by chemical…This was fun and well I continue to all these spirits to gain control of the body, but never total control of the mind Why?…Loose you mind, you loose control…and I’m to small to go to jail..

Well these are a few first…What about you? When were your first

“YAWN”…seem like I slept to long and not only missed Monday, but Tuesday as well…Hmm, so I will try and catch with the times…So let’s pretend that it’s Monday and time for a Doughnut Dozen…Since I was a sleepy head, I was thinking about things that dealt with sleep…

  1. Bedding…Now since the dawn of time or least as far back as I can recall, bedding have been a requirement for a decent sleep. Now this have ranged from a rock, twigs and leaves to Temper-Pedic.. But me, bedding is only as good as the “fun” factor
  2. Fun…I like fun in the bed, on top of the bed, next to the bed, away from the bed, even hanging off the bed…but there are other ways to have fun with your bed…Like Jumping on it…better when your smaller, but can work when your large…wrestling with the Doughnut holes on the bed is always fun…They will jump on me and beat me up some, but playing with them is priceless
  3. Covering…I’m a sound but light sleeper…I snore (least I’m told, plus my throat is often sore and dry in the morning) and I can hear things throughout the night that interfere with my sleep. However, I love a warm cozy bed, not sweaty, but warm enough that you could sleep nakie and not worry bout chilly toes or other tender parts. A great covering I have found to be is a general, cotton comforter stuff with the polyester quilt batting, coupled with  200 to 400 thread count flat and fitted sheets, and on a cool night a wool blanket can also help keep off Jack Frost…Oh! Having a heat generator in the bed beside a helps a lot to keep thing nice and cozy
  4. Head Rest AKA Pillow…We use to use rocks…I never used one, but I have used my Kevlar helmet as one when I was out in the field…But that is  another thing…Now I sleep either with two pillows, flattened by years of uses…or on my arm. Why? I don’t know but I do…I also like cuddling when I’m in need of some reassurance…those pillows are soft too, but often interfere with slept…least immediate sleep
  5. Relaxing…Watching television, reading written literature, or playing a card game with the family is also a good use for the bed and can lead to sleep
  6. Dreaming…This occur more often then not during sleep, which happens mostly in bed…but a good dream doesn’t have to happen there…I have had great dreams occur while I was driving or listening to someone who I wasn’t really interested in…I hate to admit it, but those are usually the best ones, as I was able to escape reality for a brief moment and enjoy something new
  7.  “Good” Sleep…You will know what I’m referring to if you have experienced this…and if not…I feel sorry for you…It’s that sleep that you find yourself suddenly awaken from, and you find yourself whipping the side of your face, removing drool with the back of your hand, while looking around to see if anyone noticed it…You will then stop and think…”Darn, that was a good____.”  You stretch, then return to your previous activity
  8. Sleep Attire….Some call these P. J’s. pajamas, jam jams, nite, nite clothes, lingerie, or birthday suits…They come in different, sizes, made of different materials, and suits the individual…I feel this is truly a personal preference as I have slept in what I wore all day, as I was too tired to change or too spirited to care…I do feel the birthday suit is the best sleep…Why? Don’t really know, I just really started getting into the feel of material against my skin
  9. Amount…They say the amount of sleep varies…It’s according to your age, gender, culture, and experiences….I don’t know about others, but I function better on 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep…do I get that…Hell No!…I’m good if I get 5 hours…But I have adjusted and probably be one of the reason…that sneaky Death get me before I’m ready
  10. Fight…Yeah! Fighting…This is something I have learned to master since I was a kid. Fighting sleep is a required adult trait…least I think so…We fight it all the time. Either Fighting to stay awake, so we want loose what we value (work, life, love one-ever fell asleep on a date or worst during the game-that’s a big No! No! and a quick way to never get to play again), or fighting our offspring to “Go To Sleep” or as Samuel L. Jackson put it ever so gently while reading Adam Mansbach’s book…“Go the Fuck To Sleep.”
  11. Milk and Cookies….Hmm , I’m not a milk and cookies fan before bed, but I do get a snack before bed. Sometimes I have to get a Gatorade to replenish the nutrients lost during the game (the series works)…I don’t know why warm milk and cookies would put you to sleep…Hmmm…Maybe it’s the connection to the warm milk you would get while suckling as a babe…
  12. Position…I’m a side sleeper…I figure I rotate during the night like most people, but I will not knowing sleep on my back…This comes from a terrible experience of “witch riding“…it occurred to me when I was 13 years of age…I had fallen asleep and began to have my usual series of nightmares….but I had learned to control what occurs in my dreams so I was not getting killed, mutilated, and other horrible things. Also I learned,  when all else fail I could awaken…This particular night, I woke up as the dream went extremely wrong, but I could not get up…I was paralyzed from my shoulders down, while on my back…and the dream was continuing while I was awake…I called out for help but could not get any… and I could not move until morning (sun arose)..this was so traumatic that I altered my sleeping pattern…
  13. Music…I love music, the stronger the beat, the better to me…words…do have their place…but I’m about the music…during sleep, I love music playing in the background, soft jazz, new age music, low techno, a choral ensemble as long as the words are inaudible…otherwise they will interfere and become looped in my dreams…I know little kids love music as well for sleep…lullabies and some fall asleep with the sounds of the local radio station blasting…don’t think that’s too good for them but “eh”…to each their own…just leave mine alone

Well sleep is mini death…so enjoy each practice run…What are some things that you think of when sleep is the subject?

“Don’t say that”…Words are meant to be said…too bad your mind’s in the gutter. Doughnuts’ Dozen will be over four letter words that you can get your parent to say while having a laugh at their expense..

  1. Come-as  child saying come when you actually knew what it meant was always funny
  2. Head-having a Big head was considered a good thing, getting a head is better. What makes it funnier is when you get your parents to say they want to
  3. Fort-only funny when you say it fast…then you sound like you are having internal problem…don’t forget to chew your Tums
  4. Burn-getting burned is never good, even if you have fun doing it…try explain the redness on your knees to your mother
  5. Laid-anything wrong with lying something down?…only when your not the one getting laid…your parent always want you to lay something somewhere….so go lay it down and be good at it
  6. Knob-knobs are…”snicker”…ok…need I say more..
  7. Shag-never knew what this was until the Austin Powers movies….but now that I do…it makes perfect sense…who would like the word shag….and your parents love the shag too
  8. Boob-never can go word with boob, kids learn to spell it on the calculator when you should be doing Math…but it’s cooler when the boob is really a dumb person
  9. Dick…so wrong on so many levels….who in there right mind would name there child dick and not expect for a tease
  10. Hell…learned this in church…actually not a good place to go…but reading it out loud at Sunday school was the best…emphasizing Hell are each time someone pass by or do something wrong to me
  11.  Taco…you like Taco Bell?….everyone like tacos…especially Taco salads…make sure you get it tossed
  12. Damn…another word in the great book…and being able to damn things to  Hell make you even better of a solider
  13. Ball…People like balls, like playing with them,  juggling them, keeping them safe and out of the street, playing with your ball is a good thing and it will keep you occupied

Today’s Monday and I was riding to work and I got this inner desire to Blog of what makes me Happy…Should be a easy thing to write about…I have five things at home I can think about…but lets do this The Jadedoughnut’s way…So today’s list is about Jade Happiness

  1. Jumping on the bed, I enjoy this more when I watch my little ones do this….The giggles and smiles makes me warm and fuzzy….unfortunately for them, I don’t like warm and fuzzy on the days they are jumping on MY bed…so I make them stop…chasing them away…Some fall…now that’s funny
  2. All the love I receive from those who read my blog post…Oh wait… it’s only a few, but I do love those followers…makes me tingle to open my mail and see [New Comment] notification…hmm I need more followers…SO go tell your folks about me…I want bite…I promise
  3. Doughnuts…Why would you think they named me Doughnut…if they didn’t make me happy…I practice cannibalism cause I eat them often…But hey, I do consume their distance relatives…Cinnamon bun, Sweet tart, and Honey bun
  4. Eggs make me happy…But hard boiled ones…right out of the pot are the best…Some thing about the hot yolk is sooo delicious…the sides effects…Aren’t too bad, except when I give the Sweet Tart a turtle….
  5. Hollering…The release if frustration by Yelling is invigorating and satisfying…When combining this with obscenities…Whoa!!!…What a rush…Only bad thing about this is you can find yourself with unwanted attention if practiced in front of the wrong people…But try it…”note” I am not responsible for the side effects
  6. Asking Questions…I am inquisitive so I am going to ask…If not to you to myself…Why is such a powerful word…If you disagree, tell me…Why?
  7. People make me happy…just by being there…I am a reaction junkie as well, and the more people I can get a reaction from the better it is…it’s like a buzz after a nice strong drink…you’re feeling well but not sick..
  8. Private parts…well more specific, female private parts…I spent some many years trying to get to know them…and it was worth it…Now I have parts I can play with often; however, doesn’t mean I don’t like others as well….Just to look at though.. NO Touching!!…Nothing wrong with a little eye candy….yum
  9. I know this may seem a little weird, but every time the Sweet Tart developed a bubble…I got happy…I was like…”Yeah, I did that”….Probably not the right thing to do, but hey some times you have to pat yourself on the back…
  10. Not getting a disease…I value my health and I have a strong dislike for sick people (I have improved…I use to hate them)…This is something I really am working on as I don’t want to be the one who puts their love one away cause they get some thing that they had not control over…Every day I don’t have something I am happy
  11. Everyone in my household…I am Happy to have my  Sweet Tart, the Doughnut Holes, the Stupid but clever dogs, my fishes, finches, and turtle…I am happy to have them, but not happy to take care of them…I wish I had someone else to do that…”sigh” This is life..
  12. Suckers are made everyday, and the bigger the sucker the happier I am…they come in different flavors, sizes, and shapes…some are solid, some hollow…others are filled with things which don’t bother me…only thing that do is that I have noticed is they don’t make them like the use too…Maybe the economy have something to do with this also…or the President…He gets the blame for everything else…
  13. Sadness…well others sadness not mine…the pain of others often cause me great happiness, especially if I have invested my time with you, given you what you wanted, listened to your problems, given you advices as well as allowed you the opportunity to bounce your silly ideas off of me…I did those things caused I truly care, then you go and do something idiotic and moronic…then expect for me to be sad because you are suffering…Oh! NO!!…It’s more like…”Ha…Ha…and Hah…HAH…”snort”…and Hah Hah some more…I hate those who waste my time as my time is something  I really hold dear to me…So enjoy your well due suffering and I’ll enjoy the taste of your tears…as they are a sweet delicacy..


Well those are a few things that make me happy…What about you? Share please….

A Chunk of Doughnut

The previous week was rough…death is a experience we all must go but most doesn’t want to face it. In tribute to the love I’ve I loss this past week…Doughnuts’ Dozen is about my dear Uncle..

  1. John…Hebrew meaning of God is Gracious…Was he gracious?  To me he was…He graciously told me how he felt about my family and this made me proud
  2. Short….Yes, he was height deficient like me…But that made him more special…As great men do come in small packages and size seven shoes
  3. Loud…I don’t know if it was in the genes or just the way he spoke, but his inside voice was equivalent to his outside voice
  4. Long wind…This was a blessing and a curse…Ever have to wait for a family dinner to start after a long winded person gave blessing?….Well lets say…you better not be too hungry…because you were going to wait; however listening to his stories were a great way to past times
  5. Landscaping…By trade means to  improve the aesthetic appearance…”Unc” was great at this and it was not just his ability to shape a hedge, but his ability to change your life once he spoke to you
  6. Eccentric….His style was one of a kind…and no matter how we wanted to change him from that ..brown polyester suit…he wouldn’t let it go…least not until he found his blue one
  7. Laughter…I have share many laughs at his expense…i.e. the traffic stop, but anyone hearing his laugh can not forget
  8. Nickname…He like most of the male is the family have a alias…His was  Chunk…Why? I don’t know…Didn’t learn his surname until I was an adult..
  9. Choice…We all will be faced with difficult choices in our life that will impact those around us…often don’t understand the ramification of our decision until it is too late….He chose…We lost
  10. Grey hairs….I was given the opportunity to shave him…many grey hairs to remove from his face…dry razor…no bumps…informed me he have been shaving like this for all his life…with each stroke I removed the sign of old age restoring him to his youthful appearance, but I could not remove the illness that was consuming him…if only I could
  11. One…His passing leaves only one…one male of the original 16..with generations to follow…but one male to carry the family name..
  12. Pious…He was a pious man, but not a fanatic…this I could respect as religion have it ‘s place in everyone’s life…and the belief for some is more important than other…but like he told me before I left me…”Doughnut, Give God his time, for this his how your blessings will come”
  13. Insight…thank you Uncle Chunk as you have provide me with many found memories, words of wisdom, and insight about life…you can rest now, no more pain or suffering, and you will not be forgotten

Monday…Monday…though I started Sunday…I have been thinking about what important too me…Well most men any way…Well I suppose, to some women as well.…Donught’s  Dozen today  will be about one of my favorite things…let’s see if you will guess what it is before the end

  1. Energy….Before it begins it requires energy…but the less energy uses the more it grows
  2. Mammalian…Mainly a mammal thing…Why? Maybe because of the purpose
  3. Pleasure…Most things in life that is good results in pleasure; unfortunately too much causes a lot of pain
  4. Multipurpose…I love things that have many uses…even if those uses are not what they were designed for
  5. Identity…I hate to think a lot sometimes…and that is why this is one of my favorite things…don’t have to think much once noticed
  6. Attention…Not paying attention…this guarantees that you’ll notice…if not there…you should be…and shame on you
  7. Touch…To touch is quite a soothing thing…but with everything you have to be gentle or you will be surprised in the reactions
  8. Aliases…Any good thing have many names…often describing what the object is, does, or what someone else feel about it…
  9. Couple…Couples are nice, but I’ll take a single one too
  10.  Reaction…I love when things react…to controlled and uncontrolled stimuli…no matter what you think…having a mind of it’s own have proved me with hours of entertainment
  11. Number 2…Represent the letter I like…as well as the number of these I like as well
  12. Dancing…They can dance when free, but requires support to stay ahead and awake…playing
  13. Fruit….Often compared to these…though I don’t think they are  and glad they are not shaped this way

Now I hope by now you would know one of my favorite things is…I love them and can’t help but pay them attention regardless of who they are attached too…Still don’t know?… if not…think about it again…any ask me later…

Monday already…Great!!! Another Dozen fresh out of the oven…Doughnut’s Dozen. Everyone should have a bucket list…Least that’s my belief so I will share mine….Or least part of mine today..

  1. Travel to Australia…I have always wanted to live inAustralia since a little child…Why? I don’t know…but now I want to go there
  2. Eat other forms of meat besideschicken, beef, pork, and fish…I want to try other things like bear, moose, zebra, some other poor innocent animal
  3. See my great grandchildren…I would love to be in good enough health and blessed to live to see my great grandchildren…especially if they come after the Doughnut Holes have obtained an education, career and partner if they choose..
  4. Obtain my doctorate…Why? for the prestige…and I would love to correct some sooty individual by saying…”clearing throat” That’s Doctor J….
  5. Be on a famous television show..15 minutes of fame is all I need…I will take more if offered, but 15 minutes would be nice
  6. Commit a crime and get away with it…With My luck everything I do, I get in trouble for…so for once, I would like to be bad and get away with it…Nothing too horrific, but slightly naughty would be nice
  7. Publish a book…Hey could get my 15 minutes of fame at the same time…I would love to be in Oprah’s Book Club…do that still exist?
  8. Have a child of every main race….I wanted my own Small World attraction in my home…
  9. Be a famous cartoonist…Have several cartoons in my head always trying to escape…sometimes they do…and they look good on paper..
  10. Marry only once…Only one time and I want to remain until we can no longer be together…by any means…plan to have her turned into a stone and converted into jewelry if she pass away before I do and wear it daily to remind me of her
  11. Jump out of an airplane (with a guaranteed operational parachute)..I hate falling but feel it would awesome and invigorating to float slowly down
  12. See a famous movie star or meet the President of the United States and take a picture with (bonus would be if we struck a pose while doing it)…Now that would be good bragging rights
  13. Develop a video game based on my own imagination…would be a sick game…but quite addictive
What would your list contain?

              It’s Halloween! A Monday and I’m hyper: Today’s Dozen will celebrate the holiday…


  1. A day whose name derived from the Scottish “Alls-Hallow-Even”…but also known as All Hallow’s Eve, All Saint’s Eve and Samhain
  2. Guising…Do people still do this today? Why yes we do, ever went Trick or Treating
  3. Apple bobbing-Don’t Do it…A Bucket, Filled with Water, with red ball shaped objects in them that you have to pick up only with your month without biting…need I say more
  4. Young children are better in costumes…So no fairy wings, magic wands and tights for YOU…nor dinosaur suits, SpongeBob, Powder Puff Girls, Power Rangers and  any other costume that require for you to relive your fantasy of being a cartoon character
  5. Hypocrites….Our tradition teaches us as young ones to ask for handouts…and to get one you have to hide your true identity…and Now we say doing both are bad  
  6. A better way to ensure you get the candy you want is to go to the store and steal it…that way you can do a trick and get a treat…
  7. Lit Jack-O-Lanterns are reminders that making a deal with the Devil will leave you wondering the Earth with only a lit carved vegetable as a guide or a place where you can find candy
  8. Like it or not…Christianity have away of claiming all happy holidays…even Halloween…and I thought the holiday was a just a Pagan thing   
  9. October is the month for the gay occasion…due to the end of Summer and the Harvest festivals that occur…Wanna play in the Hay?
  10. Why is it when the word gay is used, few think of being happy?…Halloween is as happy time with many weird sightings for your entertainment
  11. Every child who celebrate the holiday will tell you of the unfortunate event of receiving a unwanted piece of candy or a Biblical brochure in place of a piece of sweet, cavity causing treat
  12. Elvis for Halloween? Yes…for only $19.99 at Toy-R-Us your little bundle joy can be Elvis and your inner desire to be a near a pop star that will drool, coo, and poop on you will be satisfied…if your into that sorta thing
  13. Now Halloween can be a fun and happy occasion, but we have to remember that there ARE things that go bump in the night, and there ARE people who will put razor blades in apples, or even poison your candy…so be safe, carry a flashlight, and Have A GAY HALLOWEEN… 

It’s that time again…time for  Monday’s list entitled Doughnuts Dozen. See if you can help me develop more things for the list. Feel free to add more in comments..

  1. It’s the color of water…well I guess water’s actually clear, hmmm….it’s the color of kiddy water
  2. The sky is the same color…and who don’t like the sky…unless you fell from it, I bet that would hurt
  3. It the color of jeans….and nothing like a nice pair of Blue denim jeans…snug to show those lady lumps
  4. Its the color of Smurfs…and they have 101 ways to like the color blue…”la..la..la.la.la..”
  5. It’s the color…or least a shade of it is… the color of my favorite woman’s eyes…makes me tingle thinking about it
  6. It’s a great emotion…can invoke the deepest sorrow….or inspire greatest ballads…
  7. Remember the Blue Man Group?…of course you do…nothing like blue men beating each other, playing music, and shaking their rump..
  8. Blueberries pancakes, blueberry muffins, Blueberry fancy, blueberry lemonade, “Ooooo  Oooo” and blueberry doughnuts...yep I have fillings..
  9. You can beat someone that color…bad for the person who on the receiving in of the color change, but good for you
  10. In the USA, it’s represents the male gender…not the orientation as that color can be a little complex..
  11. It’s a four letter word that you can say without getting in trouble…well unless you are talking about what you just stepped in after leaving Joe’s house…Ew! That’s Blue’s shit!
  12. It’s the color of Cookie Monster and SuperGover!…I really do likeSesame Street…”Good times…Good times”
  13. Believing Lies Usually Entertain…think about it..