Ok I have heard of everything now.. I was lucky enough to be googling butts..don’t ask why..when I came across a great story. It’s on Fox news..check it out below:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Now, My question is why is he doing this? ..Don’t he know when I guy tells a girl he want to cut something..he really don’t mean cut something… and especially not the booty. That’s one of the best parts of the lady..one of the bases..the lovely lady lumps..why do you think guys open doors and let ladies walk in front..

Another question is how did he do it?.. I know I’m weird but think about it with me for a minute..did he just lurk up behind her and slash and run?..or more like he watch her for a while, stalking the butt that he plan to cut like a lion does it’s prey, watching the way it shakes or not, waiting for the moment when he would strike..then like an ass assassin he struck..striking before she knew it..and by time the pain set in..he vanished..

Then to make it worse, he was given the name like the Serial Butt Slasher..why not get a cool name like the Ass Assassin or Butt Striker..least when they bust him and he being tossed around like salad in the county jail he will have a calling card  instead of fresh meat, or baby..

I also wonder is there some reason for his butt slashing behavior, was it something he went through as a kid or a local rejection by a girlfriend that caused him to lash out at butts in the Fairfax, VA. I’m pretty sure they will find out..cause this is a werid serial threat..not everyday you get a grown man the like to cut ass..I just know Sir Mix A Lot would be very disappoint as most men or women who like the booty.  And for good measure lets listen to the anthem for booty lovers in the world.

Vodpod videos no longer available.