Monday… and  a dozen baked…lets get started…Today was a typical day, work for several hours, thought about how I felt about things, but did not get a chance to write all them down, so I will share a dozen of my work thoughts…see if you share any other them

  1. Time sheet…Why is it that I have to be paid for the time I work and not for the job I do, I feel that I would be better compensated if I was paid for the happiness or problems I solved everyday…but what do I know?
  2. Cake…Boy, this pineapple cake I am eating today was really moist…Wondered how the Sweet Tart did it…You know she is getting better at this baking things…Could I make some money this way?
  3. Caffeine…Ahh! Now this really hit the spot…Does it make me an addict if I can feel the absorption of the caffeine? Oh well, got to be addicted to something, and it could be worst
  4. Bills…Don’t you hate when your in the groove and you remember you have not paid a utility bill?…Glad I was able to get that taken care of..
  5. Court…Well getting ready to alter someone’s family is never a fun experience…but this time I feel it will be a good thing…Glad I like the judge
  6. Duds…You know you look good, when the office fashion police makes a compliment…Damn right I’m sharp today! So step off
  7. Priority….You know they say your priority is not mine….Well that’s true…in more ways than one…So next time be prepared
  8. Emails….The cheap letter…so many hurtful things can be delivered in less than a minute, things that alter your perception of the world around you…They are great to use, but never for personal messages or something you don’t want traced..
  9. Friendship….By definition it should be self explanatory, but it’s not….for your ship is not mine, but I would like to sail with you one day
  10. Pork…Too much of a good thing will hurt you…especially this, but I enjoyed consuming it in all the forms presented during my lunch
  11. Communication…I did this a lot today and have learned that though I feel I’m decent at this, I often don’t communicate well enough with the Sweet Tart…I’m learning her language daily and will master this…
  12. Interns…I love the concept of  internship…the best form of free labor you can have…a person willing doing your work and the things you hate to do for free…Am I wrong for making the intern carry this, and drive here, or file this? Naw….that’s what he get paid for…oh wait!…he doesn’t get paid
  13. Lessons…Each day I try to learn a lesson, Today…I learned that The Sweet Tart is very linear…my work will never end….that there really ARE stupid people in the world who will not “get it” no matter how you explain it…that some people DO not need children and should be “fixed”…and not many people think like me….even if it makes sense to me…makes them wrong and me right…right?



Well these are some of the thought I had during my day…