Ahh!! they lied!. I thought WordPress would be so easy to use..Well guess it’s not they lied, but I’m a little lazy. Forgot how long it takes to set things up and how much time it requires to get everything ready..Oh well. Now that it’s semi decent I can Blog..


Well at this very moment I feel kinda tired, working on this major project of getting my shit together and I’m realizing once again that this will require more work..Ugh!!  Why can’t things just be easy peasy  (reset button.. Anyone?)


I’m told the best things in life comes either by luck (scratch off ticket..I won recently..Yeah Me) or through hard work. I’m not a firm believer though.. I can unenthusiastically  recall children..won’t name them here..receiving new shit without working for it..it looked to me like it was even given to them. And I know their bad assess where rewarded for something they didn’t do. But this didn’t stop as children cause I recall even as an adult several people receiving shit I KNOW they didn’t earn or least to my knowledge.. I know some may think I’m being jealous..but know this is just what I observed and hold to be true. Now what does this have to do with my Great Change? Well to change, I must come to terms that some non deserving POS will always get what I deserve/earn and I must accept, embrace and cherish what I have.  Will this happen over night? Probably not, but in time I’ll get there..