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Doughnut’s Liver and Onion

Ok… I talked about Liver and Onion on yesterday, but I have not introduced them formally…..Well since Me mom actually provided me with some home training (manners), I’ll do this now…


Liver is well you know that large organ in your body…actually the only exposed one in your internal system…He is very rich in minerals, a great filter and without it you will die…pretty painful actually….So the Liver I’m referring to is that one…My Liver is sick…really sick and must be replaced…after years of filtering, way too much alcohol, social drugs, and other stuff… compounded with a mean bug caught in the process…my Liver is dying….The Liver have recognized it’s mistakes and finally came to term to its fate, but that doesn’t mean that it will be any easier for me…because being replaced is never easy and there is no way not to take it personal…so it’s behavior is expected…


Now Onion is the just that an Onion…it makes you cry when it burst open, but it also goes great with Liver…the many layers often prevent you from reaching it soft tender shoots, but this is eased by peeling the layers back, though they take a little work it worth it…Often Onion causes tears, indigestion, and many trips to the bathroom, but I would not have it any other way, because without Onion I would not still have my Liver…Liver feel in love with Onion and want let go…others have tried to persuade them…others have tried to tear them apart…but you can’t and I don’t try….


I have been dealing more with Liver and Onion since Liver’s sickness and we now understand that the journey were on is ours…we want others’ help and will take it, but receive only a few assist along the way…This frustrates me as I’m not ready to lose Liver as I just found it and it would be SO unfair it that happens…


Well Hope this helps as  I talk about them…and If not ask..or just keep reading as I post…you’ll get to know them just as I have…One hour at a time…


Oww!! Oww!! .being in the oven for two weeks make you burn…Two Mondays have come and gone…but the Today I have a dozen that was inspired by the trips I had today…Doughnut, Liver and Onions (I’ll explain later) went on trip and I have come to the realization that often, we are placed in people lives for a reason…Mine to be the support for others…theirs to give me a reason to be there…Today’s dozen fresh out of the oven is about this journey and some feeling associated with it…see if you agree..

  1. Duty…Several people I saw today had that same look I had when I arrived at the destination…the look of “Boy, if you weren’t my (fill in the blank) I wouldn’t be here.”  No matter how much we “love” each other sometimes we do things just because it’s our duty
  2. Love…this emotions have caused wars, courageous acts, inspirations, and emotional devastation…I do love them, yes I do…for the things I have put up with… how could I not
  3. Patience…it takes a lot…a mean a truck load of patience to deal with Liver and Onion…though I enjoy it sometime…too much will drive anyone to an upset stomach
  4. Laughter…I do this often with them…sometimes due to the stories they say, often to keep my sanity as often very jaded thoughts try to escape…and that would not be a good thing
  5. Expectations…I am often the one who is expected to do what is right, to stop the mixture, but to allow them to stir as well, to drive them around…and around…and around..Why can’t I do what is wrong sometimes?
  6. Disappointment….This is a long journey I am traveling on and though I receive support from Sweet Tart and others….I’m still disappointed in my siblings response to the matter…Am I wrong to expect them to care even though Liver wasn’t there?
  7. Curious…I am often curious of why others are there….what is wrong with their parts? What’s missing from them? Guess I want know unless I ask…but then I’m breaking privacy laws right?
  8. Embarrassment…The Onion does this quite often…I have came to term that Onion does not have a clue that others are listening or just doesn’t care….because the stories told during lunch are quite personal, but what’s expected from someone who peels so easily?
  9. Hunger…I hunger for more…hunger for food and knowledge as I want to be able to provide what they need…I often have to digest, regurgitate and feed it to them both, but that my job right?
  10. Children…often Liver and Onion acts as children…I gave them a simple task today…”be quiet while I listen to my radio show”…how long did that last…hmm…let’s say about 10mins out of a hour show….I laughed out loud while I cried a little inside
  11. Late…today we were not late…Yeah!!…I had to leave 1 hour and a half before the scheduled travel time for that to occur though…and the appointment still was delayed…least this time it wasn’t their fault
  12. Discrimination…You know I have come to realize, today I saw just as many sick doughnuts, as I saw bagels…It’s comforting to know that all pastries suffer the same fate…death
  13. Strength…I will need this for this long road ahead…though the burden shall be hard and I do have great support from home…I pray I will be able to continue this and the Liver and Onion will be ok…And if not, I’ll know I have did my best, gave it my all, and will be able to sleep at night..


So what would you do? What would you add to the list?


Often, I wonder if I ‘m doing what I’m suppose to do…

There is a nagging feeling that I was meant to do something else…..

That there was a calling for me to be “The One…That somebody..”

I don’t know what it is and this is what bothers me…

Believe me I’m grateful for all I have and appreciate all I have been given and done…But I can’t help but feel that emptiness…

So I search…

I look and try different things…but haven’t put my finger on it yet….

As I make my mark, I want to be able to say, “I live a fulfilled life“…

Then I look at what I have and realize it’s about as fulfilled as it gonna be…

I have a remarkable wife…wonderful kids….and a very supportive bunch of family and friends…

I have been blessed with good health…

And though I do have aches and pains…they are not life threatening….

So if I would died today…though I would be sad that I didn’t get to fulfill all my hopes and dreams…I wouldn’t be totally sad…

I would be able to tell whom ever I saw in the afterlife that I have lived and I am Doughnut….

That I have left behind several people that I am proud of…


I am proud of my Sweet Tart…She have endured a lot of hardship, aches, pains, some self brought, but most brought to her.. She endured and played the cards she was dealt…Often I have seen the tears flow from her cheeks and want to stop what caused them, but I could not…I have also watched as she gave me gifts that no other could…the gift of life…each time this occurred, it brought me closure to her and also made me glad she choose me..


I am proud of my eldest…though I try to teach her life lesson, she often teaches me….I am not the most affectionate person, but she have taught me how to receive a hug a day and enjoy the embrace…I have learned that my words do hold value and strikes deep…especially in the eyes of one that love you so…I have great dreams for her and regardless of what she becomes in life…I know it will be a great


I am proud of son…I recall the day he was born…I was proud and truly understood what my father meant when he reminisced on the day that I was given life…I didn’t celebrate the same way…but I felt the same…I know I’m hard on him and quite often he feels that I don’t care…But I do and with every challenge I’m pushing him to be what he want to be…a man


I am proud of my middle girl…she is quite young now and still developing…she may feel that I’m not watching but I am…I’m observing her style, be intellect, her wit…traits I see in her mother…I know she will do great in life and though she will suffer some due to the cruelness of the world…she will be strong, endure and rise to the top…


I am proud of my baby girl…she is quite the combination…I am enjoying her development…her way of absorbing life around her and enjoying it…each new sound, taste, and smell…I watch as she processes it…how quickly she have learned to control her environment…These things I am proud of…these things I know are signs of great things to come…


I often talk about death because it’s one of those things that surly will occur…But for each day my Sweet Tart and Doughnut Holes live, is a day I die…but death isn’t scary when your surrounded by those who really love you… for being you.

First Monday of 2012 and I’m thinking about first today. I have a had a few first that I would like to recall for this weeks Doughnut’s Dozen…So let’s begin…

  1. Crush…Ok…I recall my first crush…My mother stated that it was Wonder Woman played by Lynda Carter….But I felt it was my Kindergarten teacher…Linda Slade…Why? I don’t know, but either way those attractions did something as I’m drawn ice blue eyes, and the color blue
  2. Pain…I recall the first time I felt true self inflicted pain…I was a riding my red tricycle and decided that I could ride down the back steps of my home…Why? I saw it on television and felt that if they could do it…So could I…Lets just say…after watching the world spin, feeling the crushed as I tumbled down the steps, and hating gravity…I quickly realized that things on television was not true
  3. Fear…For some particular reason, call it a blessing or more of a curse…as a child was really in tuned with the other world…this cause me a lot of fear…but the first I felt terror was the night I saw the flying, flame skull…My mother left my father this week and we went to live with a friend…Well this home, the friend lived in was haunted…like Paranormal Activity haunted…and to make matters worst… The friend loved to sleep in total darkness…The night the skull appeared, the darkness was so thick, I could feel it…the skull was chattering and trying to tell me something, while burning, flew in and out of the room…Scream if I could, but that didn’t occur, as sound would leave my throat, but I was able to relieve my bladder, but unfortunately not in the right receptacle…I didn’t found out what the message was that night…Why? I don’t know…but years later I did…lets just say, there are things worst than death
  4. Discrimination…As Doughnut…you can imagine that are people who don’t like me… Well when your a Doughnut Hole, you don’t know this and the home I was reared in, difference wasn’t a topic that was discussed….I learned that I was really different when I got school…When the children tell you…”You can’t come to my home because your a Doughnut” or “You can’t play with me because your a Doughnut”….I felt hurt, dirty, ugly, and really confused as I was told I could achieve whatever I wanted and the sky was the limit…Well someone should have told that to everyone else Why? Because they felt that they were better and made sure I knew that
  5. Swearing…My family was pious…So swearing was not done…but that didn’t mean I didn’t know the words….I first swore when I went to buy my mother a present at Adam’s Drug Store…now I took my little brother and we went into the store to look for her present…I had saved my pennies to buy something…My mother loved to collect what-knots and ceramic keep sakes…So this is what I was looking for…While in the store, my brother touched a set of bears riding a sew saw and chipped one…The store owner made me buy the set….I swore at my little brother…I remember the feeling I had after I swore at him…I felt dirty, them got scared…cause he would surly tell mother on me…Why? Cause this is what little brothers do..
  6. Anger…I have been mad before, and will continue to get upset…however the first time I really got angry was when I at school….I was being teased by a certain child…well I had taken too many beatings and knew the results of loosing to any child…so I snapped…when I get truly angry, I trembled, and everything  gets a red tinge, I seek blood and have to see it to feel relived…So I did, I punch the child and busted his nose, of course I received a paddling for this behavior…but I felt good about this…Why? Anger building up is a like pressure in a pipe with no where to go…If it doesn’t release…It will burst hurting everyone around
  7. Porn….Riding home from school on my bike, I stopped at the local basketball court to see who was around, no one I knew…So I continued home, but then I saw some paper laying on the side of the road…I was hoping someone had left/dropped their money, so I could give it another home…But when I picked up the items, I saw it was picture of a lady…but she didn’t have any clothes on…Now my little heart raced and my groins reacted to the sudden visual stimuli…I should have thrown the paper down Why? Cause hiding it at home would be the big secret in the household…as I would find them, bring them home, and my mother would throw them away…but would not tell me she did and I could not ask her about them…
  8. Shame….Mom, I love her and always felt she did her best raise me…But the first time I experienced shame was due to her…I didn’t know that clothes I was receiving from my cousin were gender specific…Don’t know if my mother knew or not, but either way, I wore the girl clothes, and they were tight….this was not helpful to the musical class I was taking that day and the teacher called me out on it…Why? I truly think she was just being a bitch that day…
  9. Love…I have been through some of the phases of love…crush, puppy love, infatuation, and lust…there are girls and women for each stages but I first experienced being in love with my sweet tart…Why? Cause love is something that takes a while to develop…you can’t tell is if really love someone until you are willing to change for them, to neglect others, and to feel the pain if they leave
  10. Pride…Ever go several days without eating a full meal?…Honey buns and sodas are not very healthy after a few days…things start to look weird…I quickly learned that pride will kill you…I was so proud of what I could do for myself that I refused to go ask for help when I needed it…Why? Being a 17year old independent Doughnut makes you dumb
  11. Fatherhood….Now this feeling is hard to explained…It’s like receiving a plant that can grown into to what you want; however, the catch is that others can also influence the development, as well as the plant can choose not to grow and no mater what happens, you will always receive the credit for it…You are proud of the bundle of flesh you hold in your hand…and want the best for it…you develop this sense of if something or someone hurt it…you will destroy it….Why? Don’t know…biology?
  12. Alien….With all this immigration drama going on today…I can relate to the aliens that they are fussing about…being in a strange country were you have to learn their rules, speak their language, live by their rules is not an easy task especially if you are living by the rules and experiences of previous individuals…In Korea, this happened to me…not cool…but a great experience to force you to appreciate where you come from…Why? Because not being able to read the signs can lead to being in the wrong place at the wrong time…and we know where this leads..
  13. Spirits….I have felt this in several different forms…as child I felt the spirit…I was a warm sensation that gain control of my body and I danced uncontrollably…Great experience!…As an adult (young), I experienced the spirits caused by chemical…This was fun and well I continue to all these spirits to gain control of the body, but never total control of the mind Why?…Loose you mind, you loose control…and I’m to small to go to jail..

Well these are a few first…What about you? When were your first

Woah!!..2011 already gone and what a year have it have been for The JD…I recall last year this time I was not as vocal  as I am and was involved with a different source of entertainment. This absorbed a lot of my time and cost me a lot. But this with the help of the boredom and motivation from the Sweet Tart, I regained control of my life and moved forward. Now I’m free allowing myself and another outlet for my jaded thoughts and random processing. I am glad there are some that follow me and listen to what I have to say, and glad there are those who do not know what I think as this may cause some problems. Either way hindsight is always 20/20 and I’m glad I am able to make it through the year and looking forward to a better 2012.

Well, I suppose to make a new goal or goals for the year to come…So I have been thinking about this for a while and since I’m working to make things better at the home, my 2012 resolution will be to make this year be the best year for my family. I plan to stay active in their lives, spend more time with the Sweet Tart, give each Doughnut Hole attention as this is need to ensure their wellbeing. I  also plan to work on improving myself, this will be through employment, spirituality and health. I want need a new job that I really enjoy. I feel I have given back enough to my community in my current field. The level of appreciation I receive now is great, but I do want to do something different.  I want to start on a book and ensure closure to the current work I am dealing with.

I know these things can be accomplished as long as I do what is required of me, make tough decisions and keep up the faith. It have been a please 2011 and I want to be a superb 2012. See you on the other side and remember..Don’t look in the Doughnut Hole as you may fall in.

A Peanut for a Doughnut

There are often acts of kindness that really mean something. We never know how the deeds we do will truly impact the person. I had the pleasure of experiencing an act of kindness a few days ago that I must share before the years end. I, being the job that I have, do good deeds all the time. I do them not because I am told to do them but because it’s the nature of the job and it’s in my nature. Deep within, I know I’m a good person, just covered with dirt, grime, snot, a few dashes of evil doings. I have wronged few, but those wrongs are often with such magnitude that it equates to the wronging many. I apologize for what I do and have done and move on as I try my best to make amends to my deeds.


However, I have found it a rarity to receive true good deeds from strangers. I receive them often from my family and a few from those who know me, but not strangers. People or should I say society today have been reared (least inAmerica) to look out for numbero uno, the big guy and that’s that. The thought is others should be able to “pull themselves up by their boot straps” or “tough it out” to make it. But we often forget that everyone and I mean everyone needs others to make it. To move forward in life, for we are social creatures and need each other.


Now my job often take me to other parts of the state to see my children, because I can not always serve them locally and they can not received the treatment needed locally. This particular day, I had been traveling back after the great visit I had.  And I was really hungry, money is a funny thing. It’s like whenever you need it, you don’t have it and if you do, it’s either not enough or in the wrong form. For me it was the later.


As I drove along for several hours, the hunger I had was a little unbearable and for some reason today I wanted some boiled peanuts. I had taken this road several times and often saw a little side merchant who sold boiled peanuts at his roadside stand and I always figured he was part of the convenient store he was stationed by. He had been there for years and had a professional sign for his establishment. So when I arrived, he was there as expected. And I was happy. When you have a craving and it can be satisfied, you really get happy. It seem better than Christmas morning as a kid or any day you receive presents.


Any who…I pulled up to the convenient store where I watched a couple play with their dog, each dressed in a red matching T-shirt, white thermal undershirts, and blue jeans, why do I recall such details? I people watch and I found them interesting. The one lady had a combed Mohawk…hair combed to a Mohawk and gelled to keep in place…and she was given directions to the other lady. While the lady receiving directions were carrying her purse and the lease to the little dog they were attending too. I didn’t speak, but watch them a few more minutes, while I looked for money for the peanuts I wanted. Not finding any I went inside as asked the casher for the location of an ATM


Jaded: “Hello, Do you have an ATM?” I inquired

Cashier: “We don’t have one.” she quickly replied

Jaded: “Do you do overages?” (receiving change for more the amount)

Cashier: “No,” she quickly snapped back…“Is that all?”


Jaded: “Yes, it is…Thanks and Happy Holidays.” I replied


Now what I really thought was: ” Damn…What did I do to you…Ohh…Your mad…Why? Don’t know, don’t really care now.  But Yes, that it is you stuck up, bitchy, tight green shirt wearing, cashier…Don’t blame me for your life behind the counter.. I don’t want to steal anything so stop watching me…yes I saw ya…all Doughnuts don’t steal.. and you could least have offered more information”


But of course I didn’t say that…that’s rude and plus I want my damn peanuts which was more important that this cashier…


Disappointed, craving, and slight pissed, I decided to go ask the owner of the establishment…I felt he did not have a debit reader as the stand didn’t not have set up for this, but hey there is no harm in asking…Mom always said, “worst thing can be said to a request is No”

 So…I assumed his name was Mikey as that was the name posted and plastered on his sign..


Jaded: “Hello, do you take Debit cards?” I doubtfully asked


Mikey: “No” Heh Heh “I don’t, but hey I give you few.”


As he turn around to his pot I was thinking  “WTF…He gonna give me some…Now what’s the catch”


After he handed me the cup of freshly boiled, peanuts, the steam was rising so sheepishly from the cup, the aroma of peanuts, salt, and secret seasoning cradled my nosed as I inhaled it…A huge grateful smile covered my face, as I held the cup..


Doughnut: “Thanks”


Mikey: ” Your welcome, and Merry Christmas”


Doughnut: ” Merry Christmas to you also”


I drove off, headed back in home, quickly eating the peanuts and satisfying this nutty craving.


So what I learned from this experience is that, there are good people in the world. And that they will do acts of kindness without expectation of rewards or compensation.  So don’t think your good deeds will not be rewarded or the world is completely ruined… For kindness is contagious and one deed will produce another…


Oh! By the way, if your traveling on Instate 129 AkA Gray Road SW, look for Mikey’s Hot Boiled Peanuts, best in the state…




Today’s Monday and I was riding to work and I got this inner desire to Blog of what makes me Happy…Should be a easy thing to write about…I have five things at home I can think about…but lets do this The Jadedoughnut’s way…So today’s list is about Jade Happiness

  1. Jumping on the bed, I enjoy this more when I watch my little ones do this….The giggles and smiles makes me warm and fuzzy….unfortunately for them, I don’t like warm and fuzzy on the days they are jumping on MY bed…so I make them stop…chasing them away…Some fall…now that’s funny
  2. All the love I receive from those who read my blog post…Oh wait… it’s only a few, but I do love those followers…makes me tingle to open my mail and see [New Comment] notification…hmm I need more followers…SO go tell your folks about me…I want bite…I promise
  3. Doughnuts…Why would you think they named me Doughnut…if they didn’t make me happy…I practice cannibalism cause I eat them often…But hey, I do consume their distance relatives…Cinnamon bun, Sweet tart, and Honey bun
  4. Eggs make me happy…But hard boiled ones…right out of the pot are the best…Some thing about the hot yolk is sooo delicious…the sides effects…Aren’t too bad, except when I give the Sweet Tart a turtle….
  5. Hollering…The release if frustration by Yelling is invigorating and satisfying…When combining this with obscenities…Whoa!!!…What a rush…Only bad thing about this is you can find yourself with unwanted attention if practiced in front of the wrong people…But try it…”note” I am not responsible for the side effects
  6. Asking Questions…I am inquisitive so I am going to ask…If not to you to myself…Why is such a powerful word…If you disagree, tell me…Why?
  7. People make me happy…just by being there…I am a reaction junkie as well, and the more people I can get a reaction from the better it is…it’s like a buzz after a nice strong drink…you’re feeling well but not sick..
  8. Private parts…well more specific, female private parts…I spent some many years trying to get to know them…and it was worth it…Now I have parts I can play with often; however, doesn’t mean I don’t like others as well….Just to look at though.. NO Touching!!…Nothing wrong with a little eye candy….yum
  9. I know this may seem a little weird, but every time the Sweet Tart developed a bubble…I got happy…I was like…”Yeah, I did that”….Probably not the right thing to do, but hey some times you have to pat yourself on the back…
  10. Not getting a disease…I value my health and I have a strong dislike for sick people (I have improved…I use to hate them)…This is something I really am working on as I don’t want to be the one who puts their love one away cause they get some thing that they had not control over…Every day I don’t have something I am happy
  11. Everyone in my household…I am Happy to have my  Sweet Tart, the Doughnut Holes, the Stupid but clever dogs, my fishes, finches, and turtle…I am happy to have them, but not happy to take care of them…I wish I had someone else to do that…”sigh” This is life..
  12. Suckers are made everyday, and the bigger the sucker the happier I am…they come in different flavors, sizes, and shapes…some are solid, some hollow…others are filled with things which don’t bother me…only thing that do is that I have noticed is they don’t make them like the use too…Maybe the economy have something to do with this also…or the President…He gets the blame for everything else…
  13. Sadness…well others sadness not mine…the pain of others often cause me great happiness, especially if I have invested my time with you, given you what you wanted, listened to your problems, given you advices as well as allowed you the opportunity to bounce your silly ideas off of me…I did those things caused I truly care, then you go and do something idiotic and moronic…then expect for me to be sad because you are suffering…Oh! NO!!…It’s more like…”Ha…Ha…and Hah…HAH…”snort”…and Hah Hah some more…I hate those who waste my time as my time is something  I really hold dear to me…So enjoy your well due suffering and I’ll enjoy the taste of your tears…as they are a sweet delicacy..


Well those are a few things that make me happy…What about you? Share please….

In  a few days I would be revisiting a time in my life when I embarked on a journey…made a decision that would not only affect, impact, and alter my world; but the world of all those who were apart of my inner circle.  I had been participating in activities that I knew were risky, but I didn’t care …I enjoyed the company, was excited by the sense of adventure, and loved the feelings I were receiving by being an active participant…however like all things in life the consequences for those action have to be addressed…I was later informed that my actions lead to the development of one of my 1st dilemmas…A message was delivered that I was going to have an additional title…one that I was not really ready to have, but I was willing to embrace…this was a good thing, least I told myself, I was nervous, I was scared, and I was clueless…But I was determined that I was not going to embark on any journey alone, as I had witnessed this and it was not an easy task…family meant too much to me…Now was I ready to do this? Was I ready to become intertwined with another individual? Was I ready for a life long commitment? Shit, I didn’t know…I felt I was…I consulted with my counselors (superior officers, friends, and associates) and they all gave different advice…some I liked…others I didn’t…But the ultimate decision was mine to make…So I did…I had made plans in my mind of what I would do to address the difference…For I am doughnut and she is a sweet tart…Well let’s say that my plans didn’t not go as planned but…Like I said they did work out…


In a few days, fourteen years ago…I would pick up a burden…but a blessing…I would become responsible for not only myself, but other individuals…When I look back today, I do not regret my decision…I don’t regret the blessing that have been given to me…and the pain I have endured…I would do it again, but this time I would not run away to become one…least not without engaging in  a longer chase…as the chase is what makes things fun..


So thank you sweet tart…thank you for the years or service, the ups and downs on the roller coaster, the excitement and the boredom of learning a new language, the doughnut holes,  the reminders, the hugs and the kisses, the opportunity to witness the inner working of sweet tarts, the opportunity to educate and be educated, and for being my best female friend…love you and see you on the other side of the oven

A Chunk of Doughnut

The previous week was rough…death is a experience we all must go but most doesn’t want to face it. In tribute to the love I’ve I loss this past week…Doughnuts’ Dozen is about my dear Uncle..

  1. John…Hebrew meaning of God is Gracious…Was he gracious?  To me he was…He graciously told me how he felt about my family and this made me proud
  2. Short….Yes, he was height deficient like me…But that made him more special…As great men do come in small packages and size seven shoes
  3. Loud…I don’t know if it was in the genes or just the way he spoke, but his inside voice was equivalent to his outside voice
  4. Long wind…This was a blessing and a curse…Ever have to wait for a family dinner to start after a long winded person gave blessing?….Well lets say…you better not be too hungry…because you were going to wait; however listening to his stories were a great way to past times
  5. Landscaping…By trade means to  improve the aesthetic appearance…”Unc” was great at this and it was not just his ability to shape a hedge, but his ability to change your life once he spoke to you
  6. Eccentric….His style was one of a kind…and no matter how we wanted to change him from that ..brown polyester suit…he wouldn’t let it go…least not until he found his blue one
  7. Laughter…I have share many laughs at his expense…i.e. the traffic stop, but anyone hearing his laugh can not forget
  8. Nickname…He like most of the male is the family have a alias…His was  Chunk…Why? I don’t know…Didn’t learn his surname until I was an adult..
  9. Choice…We all will be faced with difficult choices in our life that will impact those around us…often don’t understand the ramification of our decision until it is too late….He chose…We lost
  10. Grey hairs….I was given the opportunity to shave him…many grey hairs to remove from his face…dry razor…no bumps…informed me he have been shaving like this for all his life…with each stroke I removed the sign of old age restoring him to his youthful appearance, but I could not remove the illness that was consuming him…if only I could
  11. One…His passing leaves only one…one male of the original 16..with generations to follow…but one male to carry the family name..
  12. Pious…He was a pious man, but not a fanatic…this I could respect as religion have it ‘s place in everyone’s life…and the belief for some is more important than other…but like he told me before I left me…”Doughnut, Give God his time, for this his how your blessings will come”
  13. Insight…thank you Uncle Chunk as you have provide me with many found memories, words of wisdom, and insight about life…you can rest now, no more pain or suffering, and you will not be forgotten

Wow been a few days since I last posted…The holidays does that for ya I guess…Or Am I running out of ideas?…I would hate for that to happen so I  was thinking while I was taking care of the Sweet Tart’s Kitty, grooming her and all…I forgot about posting for Thanksgiving…So Today I’m gonna do that…I usually bake a dozen on Monday but today I’ll do a half dozen for the occasion…”clearing throat”…OK Today’s half dozen is about Things I’m Not Thankful For..

  1. My Height…Being five feet six inches as a male is not a good thing…especially since I only grew 2 inches from age 13 until age 21…I always got the short jokes, small feet, and over looks when it came to comparisons, but I quickly learned a few witty comebacks for attacks towards my manhood, and to smart ass women…Two of my favorites are,” Don’t let the height fool ya, big things do come in small packages” and “Vertically we equal out”
  2. Working…I hear all the time (especially since the economy tanked) “Least your working.”…Then I look at the commenter and state “Who really wants to work?”…Wouldn’t it be nice to receive a check when ever you needed, have all you needs met, while enjoying whatever You wanted to do without a single care in the world…I briefly enjoyed this as a kid and all I wanted to do was be an adult…Being a kid rocks when you have your needs and some wants met..
  3.  Aging…I would love to stay 21 physically for the rest of my natural life…I would like to continue to become wiser (as this is not age based but due to experiences) Aging…is for old folks…I hate the unexplained aches and pains, the stiff joints, lack of energy, grey hairs, and the dying part really isn’t fair to me…Wouldn’t it be cool if everyone was 21 until the end..
  4. Unrealistic expectations…I’m too logical at times…and this causes me a lot of pain…as I often place unrealistic expectations on people I deal with….I just expect for those who deal with me, to understand me, and follow basic logic when dealing with me…Is that too much too ask?
  5. The “To Do List”…This thing bothers me so much because I never can complete it…I continues to grow and grow…no matter how many things I complete on it…my job loves these…and they developed a fancy word to describe them “Alerts”….Like an alert will make me do the task any faster…or remember to do it the first place
  6. Loss of Memory…I am not thankful for this…As my short term memory is horrific…and with bad short term…my long term is lacking…I can’t remember things without writing them down…and the day to day hustle of work/life doesn’t always give me the opportunity to do so…To compensate for this loss, I have to carry a pen and paper around with me and write notes as I will forget…Ask me what I had for dinner or who I seen last night…I can’t recall…I wonder is this a sign for something worse to come?

Well this is my half dozen…what would you add to the list?