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I like surprises…Well most surprises…Not the ones where you are caught with your pants down, or you come home and a lovely visitor is there…Someone you really would not like to see…and especially not spending some time with…But this not one of these times…this was what would fall into the good category….This day I received a call…a call I was not ready to received, but was glad it was made…You see, I started talking about Liver an Onion a few post back…and today I was notified that I was going to receive a new Liver…Well Liver was going to get a new liver…Since Doughnuts don’t have livers…Either way, that was the news and I was surprised…Now I felt we would be ready for such news but…hmm quickly realized that I wasn’t and Liver and Onion surely wasn’t…I thought he was (told me he was)…but when the decision was needed…he was really more hesitant than I thought he would be…Shit, if I needed new fillings to be here (pointing to injecting site)..I’m like “fill me up”…But I am different…so I’m told…So after discussing with Liver and Onion about the pros and cons, awaiting on another explanation from the doctor…and not listening to Onion’s reasoning for not doing it..Liver gave the ok…Now this is where the wave of thoughts flooded my brain…tsunami style…Am I ready for this? What do I suppose to do now? You want… who to go with us? I don’t have time for babysitting…please be grown up today.


After making arrangements for overnights for Onion, cause she couldn’t dare ask her onion seeds to let her stay at his home, making arrangement for the holes to stay with Mom…and the Sweet Tart joining me for support, we were off…the ride was quite different…two hours of silence, thought provoking conversation and enjoying NPR (National Public Radio)…Right?…Nope!…They talked, and discussed all types of things..some made me laugh, others made me wonder, but hey this could be Liver’s last day so I will not complain…


Then once we get there we receive another surprise, I hate these…the hurry up and wait surprise…Huh?  Why did you have me rush only to wait…don’t you understand that waiting is the worst part of anything…the anticipation, the unknown, the feeling of anger that builds while others go before you….”Will you hurry the fuck up already!!!” I’ve got things to do…Sheesh..He’s dying right here (big finger pointing over his head)…so what that pale, fragile looking, hairless girl’s here for the same reason…It my Liver! Damn It!! And I need service NOW!”…Ok, these thoughts did fill my mind, but I’m to smooth or have too much swagger to say them out loud…I have to be civilized…Right?…after a hour or so of waiting…lost track after they changed shifts..We were admitted to a room…Then the real reason I was placed on this Earth revealed itself…I was here to be aggravated by Onion…who not only have degrees in every know science there is..She’s also is a specialist in men’s health (read one old book), internal medicine…Especially concerning the Liver…Onion not only aggravated the living hell out of me….she stunk up the place with her constant peeling, and peeling and peeling..”The nurses didn’t know what they were doing because they used the measurement MG versus CC…The PA.. poor, clueless, lady was trapped underneath the layer of hypothetical, unrelated and absurd accusation..The more she tried to get away by answering Onion’s question, or using superior customer service skills, the more Onion peeled on her..I finally had enough and released her..and she literally ran out of the room..Being who I am, I trying to justify Onion’s actions…Why is she acting like this? Don’t she understand EVERYONE…family and friends are just concerned about Liver as she is…if something goes wrong… she lose a husband…(had two before, plus you threaten to leave him so many times before)..But I will lose… My Liver…I have been here a lot longer than you..So stop acting so irrational, unstable and plan Loco…


Well after all the fiasco was over…I finally was able to find out some serious things about my Liver wishes. That I thought I knew already…DNR (do not resituate) was not his plan…as long as he can return like himself…keep him alive, otherwise let him go…It was hard to hear this..but hey it’s his life..and only a Liver right? …So now w e wait…and wait…family member come by, others call to send their best wishes..Face Book and other social media filling up…well wisher galore…this also was a surprise for Liver..he also though no one gave a Damn about him..only a selected few..but now he was able to see he had a purpose..or lest meant something to people…Getting flowers while you are alive is a great joy…The waiting went on for several more hours (4 am in the morning to be exact)…then found out we were literally waiting someone to pass so that Liver can get a new one…Death..waiting on you to claim your victim..so we can avoid you once more…Well Death claimed his victim and…shorted us also…”The liver was not suitable”..and we had to go home…Sigh!!..Damn!!…Onion was so glad, I was not..I’m not wanting things to get worst for him and then we watch him die slowly..I know how that is..Uncle Chunk taught me this…But hey, that the way the Doughnut crumbles and I know now I must obtain a medical power of attorney for Liver…Since Onion’s focus is on herself and not reality…


Doughnut’s Liver and Onion

Ok… I talked about Liver and Onion on yesterday, but I have not introduced them formally…..Well since Me mom actually provided me with some home training (manners), I’ll do this now…


Liver is well you know that large organ in your body…actually the only exposed one in your internal system…He is very rich in minerals, a great filter and without it you will die…pretty painful actually….So the Liver I’m referring to is that one…My Liver is sick…really sick and must be replaced…after years of filtering, way too much alcohol, social drugs, and other stuff… compounded with a mean bug caught in the process…my Liver is dying….The Liver have recognized it’s mistakes and finally came to term to its fate, but that doesn’t mean that it will be any easier for me…because being replaced is never easy and there is no way not to take it personal…so it’s behavior is expected…


Now Onion is the just that an Onion…it makes you cry when it burst open, but it also goes great with Liver…the many layers often prevent you from reaching it soft tender shoots, but this is eased by peeling the layers back, though they take a little work it worth it…Often Onion causes tears, indigestion, and many trips to the bathroom, but I would not have it any other way, because without Onion I would not still have my Liver…Liver feel in love with Onion and want let go…others have tried to persuade them…others have tried to tear them apart…but you can’t and I don’t try….


I have been dealing more with Liver and Onion since Liver’s sickness and we now understand that the journey were on is ours…we want others’ help and will take it, but receive only a few assist along the way…This frustrates me as I’m not ready to lose Liver as I just found it and it would be SO unfair it that happens…


Well Hope this helps as  I talk about them…and If not ask..or just keep reading as I post…you’ll get to know them just as I have…One hour at a time…

Oww!! Oww!! .being in the oven for two weeks make you burn…Two Mondays have come and gone…but the Today I have a dozen that was inspired by the trips I had today…Doughnut, Liver and Onions (I’ll explain later) went on trip and I have come to the realization that often, we are placed in people lives for a reason…Mine to be the support for others…theirs to give me a reason to be there…Today’s dozen fresh out of the oven is about this journey and some feeling associated with it…see if you agree..

  1. Duty…Several people I saw today had that same look I had when I arrived at the destination…the look of “Boy, if you weren’t my (fill in the blank) I wouldn’t be here.”  No matter how much we “love” each other sometimes we do things just because it’s our duty
  2. Love…this emotions have caused wars, courageous acts, inspirations, and emotional devastation…I do love them, yes I do…for the things I have put up with… how could I not
  3. Patience…it takes a lot…a mean a truck load of patience to deal with Liver and Onion…though I enjoy it sometime…too much will drive anyone to an upset stomach
  4. Laughter…I do this often with them…sometimes due to the stories they say, often to keep my sanity as often very jaded thoughts try to escape…and that would not be a good thing
  5. Expectations…I am often the one who is expected to do what is right, to stop the mixture, but to allow them to stir as well, to drive them around…and around…and around..Why can’t I do what is wrong sometimes?
  6. Disappointment….This is a long journey I am traveling on and though I receive support from Sweet Tart and others….I’m still disappointed in my siblings response to the matter…Am I wrong to expect them to care even though Liver wasn’t there?
  7. Curious…I am often curious of why others are there….what is wrong with their parts? What’s missing from them? Guess I want know unless I ask…but then I’m breaking privacy laws right?
  8. Embarrassment…The Onion does this quite often…I have came to term that Onion does not have a clue that others are listening or just doesn’t care….because the stories told during lunch are quite personal, but what’s expected from someone who peels so easily?
  9. Hunger…I hunger for more…hunger for food and knowledge as I want to be able to provide what they need…I often have to digest, regurgitate and feed it to them both, but that my job right?
  10. Children…often Liver and Onion acts as children…I gave them a simple task today…”be quiet while I listen to my radio show”…how long did that last…hmm…let’s say about 10mins out of a hour show….I laughed out loud while I cried a little inside
  11. Late…today we were not late…Yeah!!…I had to leave 1 hour and a half before the scheduled travel time for that to occur though…and the appointment still was delayed…least this time it wasn’t their fault
  12. Discrimination…You know I have come to realize, today I saw just as many sick doughnuts, as I saw bagels…It’s comforting to know that all pastries suffer the same fate…death
  13. Strength…I will need this for this long road ahead…though the burden shall be hard and I do have great support from home…I pray I will be able to continue this and the Liver and Onion will be ok…And if not, I’ll know I have did my best, gave it my all, and will be able to sleep at night..


So what would you do? What would you add to the list?