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Monday…Monday…and it been a while since a Dozen was baked…but TODAY is a special day and Special Baker’s Dozen for ME..’Cause today’s A Doughnut’s Birthday and …this Dozen is All About ME…So let’s see why I enjoyed my birthday.…



  1. Life….the most obvious one…Today several years ago…Me Mum…gave birth to me…I baked in the oven forever and tore everything up coming out…least that’s I was told..Sorry Mum
  2. Presents….been many…many years since I received a birthday gift I really liked…Sweet Tart and the gang got me a new fishing tackle box…Finally a gift I can use….Guess what color it is?
  3. No Work…since Me Mum worked so hard on this date…I vowed not to work on the day if I could help it…So I was off today
  4. Songs…You know even if they were off key, interruptions, and repetitious, I Loved receiving and hearing that little melody…”Happy Birthday to You”…performed by my individual family, co-workers, and  friends…
  5. Eleven…the number of years it took for all  my co-worker to actually care enough to wish me a Happy Birthday
  6. Birthday Suit…Well born this way…I was greeted this way…Who knew Sweet Tart wore pink icing…Yum!
  7. Friendship…Always good to learn you have it…Even better when you can share it…
  8. Fishing…Oh, You knew I had to try out the tackle box…Worked great…I looked good carrying it…and plus…it kept me organized…Can’t fall in that way
  9. Five Dollars…Who said that a gift had be expensive…This was the best five dollars I ever received…Why?….Cause it bought me and Raisin Crème Pie lunch…What did we eat?…Let’s just say it was fulfilling ..
  10. Joke…This year…he didn’t’ forget nor as I too busy to answer…I got the joke from my brother and I owe him one on his birthday
  11. Notes…Well wishes greeted me at the door by the eldest…while also sharing credit with the boy…A pink poster board also marks the day and leaves a memory…Maybe Doughnut will take sprinkles this time
  12. Memories…This birthday will be one to remember…It will go in the good file, in front of the first true sexual experience…it feels good to replace the other birthday memories with this one…
  13. Hope…Today, I was given hope again…I felt that people really don’t care about you unless they are required to…and I should know better but that doesn’t mean I always do..This birthday was a sign that they do and I and Hopeful because  of it

I know this may seem confusing to some or stupid to other…but this Doughnut can say today that he is glad he is gotten older and added another wrinkle in his icing…


A Doughnut For Whitney

Found  in the bathroom,

Wet on the floor,

Slick and shiny,

Close to the door.


Those who found me,

Wish they knew,

Why I lie there in the nude.


Was I murdered?

Or was it suicide?

What was I doing?

What was I trying to hide?


If they look deep.

If only they search,

They will find their answers

without having to lurk.


Around the tables,

Around the chairs,

look in my closet

be sure to look down stairs.


He always leave clues,

to what happens to thee.

But All I care is,

will you remember me?


Recall all the things.

I’ve done for the good

How I overcame,

the lover from the hood.


A voice compared to angels

and beauty all mine.

Many souls did I move,

with ballads divine.


But will they evoke,

these ballads at all?

Or will they only focus,

On my downfall.


What makes better coverage?

Whatever moves the press,

Selling thousands of records

Is all they do best.


Be sure they will find out

what happened to me.

And notify the world

of things about my privacy.


Because they should know

‘Cause it’s their right!

Hey! They paid for my life

and I got to live in spite


Of all the hard work

the hours I slaved

in learning and mastering

the things they craved.


So, no matter if I lay

here nude on the floor

all slick and shiny

so close to the door.


They’ll only remember.

All they can do is stare.

Because He took me away

and will never share.


R.I.P. Whitney..