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I’m Tired of it All

I’m tired of the way things are going for me…I want to be you…or least until I’m you

I’m tired of the days getting shorter and the nights getting longer…I don’t want to sleep…that means I have to start over

I’m tired of the voices in my head arguing on who I should hurt first

I’m tired of the repetitive food I must eat over and over…even if I prepare something new I’m still eating the same stuff…beef, chicken, fish, or pork

I’m tired of the fussing over who should get healthcare and who shouldn’t…I don’t like sick people…so let’s make them all well

I’m tired of deadlines-so what if it’s late it’s done…God Damn It!

I’m tired of the whispers….I can’t hear you so speak the Fuck Up!

I’m tired of the same clothes that I have to wear cause I can’t find something that fit me…And when it does it’s the wrong color

I’m tired of rules about how I do shit and I didn’t have a say so in the development

I’m tired of everyone blaming the President for their problems…if he could have fixed it, wouldn’t it be fixed by now?

I’m tired of doomsday forecast…let the end be a surprise…that’s way no one will be prepared…Who made you special?

I’m tired of no one actually caring how I feel if they ask ” How are you doing today?” and before I can answer…the inconsiderate jerks walk off

I’m tired of paying for basic necessities…It Basic. So it should be free!…or least cheap

I’m tired of people wanting me to work hard for nothing and then complain when I do a half-ass job…pay me more if you want more…You get what you pay for

I’m tired of games that cost to play, but then won’t take my form of payment

I’m tired of stores with No shoe, no shirt no services signs…So if I wear shoes and a shirt But No PANTS can I get serviced?

I’m tired of reading or seeing people making a big deal out of nothing important….so what if (insert name here) is pregnant or received a DUI or entered rehab…A lot of people do that…talk about when (enter name here) have really HELPED someone..

I’m tired of my Jack Russell running around looking when I just took her out…NO we’re not chasing the neighbor’s cat for the hundredth time

I’m tired of writing so I’m gonna stop


Monday already…Great!!! Another Dozen fresh out of the oven…Doughnut’s Dozen. Everyone should have a bucket list…Least that’s my belief so I will share mine….Or least part of mine today..

  1. Travel to Australia…I have always wanted to live inAustralia since a little child…Why? I don’t know…but now I want to go there
  2. Eat other forms of meat besideschicken, beef, pork, and fish…I want to try other things like bear, moose, zebra, some other poor innocent animal
  3. See my great grandchildren…I would love to be in good enough health and blessed to live to see my great grandchildren…especially if they come after the Doughnut Holes have obtained an education, career and partner if they choose..
  4. Obtain my doctorate…Why? for the prestige…and I would love to correct some sooty individual by saying…”clearing throat” That’s Doctor J….
  5. Be on a famous television show..15 minutes of fame is all I need…I will take more if offered, but 15 minutes would be nice
  6. Commit a crime and get away with it…With My luck everything I do, I get in trouble for…so for once, I would like to be bad and get away with it…Nothing too horrific, but slightly naughty would be nice
  7. Publish a book…Hey could get my 15 minutes of fame at the same time…I would love to be in Oprah’s Book Club…do that still exist?
  8. Have a child of every main race….I wanted my own Small World attraction in my home…
  9. Be a famous cartoonist…Have several cartoons in my head always trying to escape…sometimes they do…and they look good on paper..
  10. Marry only once…Only one time and I want to remain until we can no longer be together…by any means…plan to have her turned into a stone and converted into jewelry if she pass away before I do and wear it daily to remind me of her
  11. Jump out of an airplane (with a guaranteed operational parachute)..I hate falling but feel it would awesome and invigorating to float slowly down
  12. See a famous movie star or meet the President of the United States and take a picture with (bonus would be if we struck a pose while doing it)…Now that would be good bragging rights
  13. Develop a video game based on my own imagination…would be a sick game…but quite addictive
What would your list contain?