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Once again I am bothered by the simple thought pattern of men…not as a humanity but as a gender…I had the honor to take the pops on a trip today…he was with his spouse who is a very sweet lady and they are prefect for each other to me….we were discussing things in general….he was entertaining me with his stories of old, quick wit, and life quotes…. then he begin the topic about pus and how men are straight stupid when it comes to it… I laughed as he gave several examples of what his “old cats” (dead now) did to protect it and to get it… I thought about this and decided to share…

Now, I feel that women should really be ruling the world now, based on the way men act about pus…the power it have over majority of men is quite disturbing…that southern region appears to cause the blood to stop flowing upstairs and all logic processing  stops…and with logic stopping the odds of making the correct decision is like picking the correct numbers for the lottery..

One example pops shared was….about one of his cats…he explained that cat were out to the club, dancing, drinking and trying to find some pus…apparently this is what they did as youth (hmm sound like what we do now). So he spotted this fine brood sitting at the bar and he approached her and he began to spit game to her….she liked what he was saying and he was feeling her…he then begin buying her drinks and blowing his wad on her…but what he didn’t noticed was that the brood was with someone…and this someone didn’t appreciate his advances on his pus…now this guy was HUGE.. the way pops explain it…a “Green Mile” size fellow…now of course he requested the cat to stop flapping his gums…but this was not computing, as the cat had invested two things, his time and his money…Now logic would have the fellow size up the situation and he would back down and leave…but firewater, a lack of blood to the brain, and the possibility of getting some pus…made the decision for him…the cat stood up to him and…the way pops described it…the spot left where the young man was sitting was made empty really quick and they had to peel him off the floor…

I asked, “Were there other women there?”

“What do you think?” he answered…

We laughed and I shook me head…”So you telling me that guy got his ass handed to him over the possibility of getting some?!”

… “Yep”

He then told me about a guy he knew, who had a woman that he was so in love with the pus, that he worked three jobs,  just to keep her around…buying her stuff, getting her whatever she wanted…he explained the sad thing was that the pus was out letting every, Tom Dick and Harry, tap it while the guy was at work…He worked so much that he was too tired to handle his own business…

I asked, ” Were you one of those fellows?”

He laughed…”Nope, I don’t go down like that”

Do I believe him…Naw…but I wasn’t there so I can argue the point…I just felt sad for the fool who was working to provided a home for other to come too, food for others to eat and pus for others to tap…like I stated earlier if the blood was going to the top head…he would have realized this and stopped, but pus don’t let you think..

He shared a story about how a guy was so attached to this one lady that he neglected his family, friends, and all others to keep the pus pleased….he explained that this strong jealousy made him extremely paranoid…that he didn’t trust anyone and this led to him taking another guy’s life…According to him, he was at work and got wind that the pus was out shopping around and bumped into an old friend. The guy confronted the friend and he was strapped when he did….words were exchanged and one person ended up dead…The guy’s in the “chain gang” and the pus moved on…

“Wow!” I responded…”Such as dumb ass.. I hate when guys kill over it, when they go to jail…nine times out of ten, the pus move on”

But this was not the 1st guy to kill over it, from the Bible…”King David sent Bathsheba’s husband to the die. So he can have her free.  The Trojan War was started over it.. know it stated it was her face, but I know the real reason…what “face” that body was connected to…

When I really think about it…It DOES control the world…for without it we wouldn’t be here, it is the gate way to life, the fun hole, the beaver, the love tunnel, the bread box, a cold cut combo, a money maker, a fire starter, and fire extinguisher, can be the best negotiator, or instigator to name only a few.  I have never met one that isn’t taken if offered up even when it is sick and/or bleeding.

So if you lucky to have one…take care of it….for you don’t someone else will…If you are a guy, then stop appreciate it, but keep your blood upstairs…


Today, my mind goes south….Why? Maybe cause I’m male- I was told that’s what most males think ’bout anyway…Maybe I’m just that type of guy? Me, “surprised look”…Either way, all I can think about today is the soft regions of the female anatomy…I often wonder why are the soft regions of the female… so soft,  so pleasurable and enticing…it’s like one of the best regions to visit in the world…why pay all that money to visit another country…just find a willing participant and explore…You can get lost, found, sink, and unfortunately sometimes drown…to prevent unwanted harm to oneself, be sure to bring the essentials… for every traveler needs to be prepare for the journey ahead…To help my explorers- male or female….I’ve thought of a travel’s guide that one should consider…

  1. Preparation: As with any journey, preparation is the key so don’t forget to use your M.A.P. Whether this is a paid journey or free one, you must bring what will:
    1. One cause this to be the most enjoyable trip
    2.  Two keep you safe.  For a journey with no return sounds like death to me
  1. Decision: Once the destination is determined, next you have to decided on how long you are going to stay. Sometime a quick journey is just a satisfying as a long one. This decision is usually determined by the price you pay or the amount of time you have to invest
  2. Departure: After agreement of the time frame is settled, you have to begin your journey. Most places you go require you to determine how you are going to get there. Now you can get there quickly if you are in a hurry and take the straight approach; but if you prefer a slower trip, you can take few detours before you reach your destination. Now this can be satisfying also, but usually cost more or either your money or time…but hey you only travel this road once right?
  3. Trip A, Quick Route: So lets say your going to take the fast road, and go straight to the destination. Well be sure you at least bring things that protect you from the elements.  Raincoats or ponchos are a must.  Petroleum based products are good also, don’t want any chapping or burning. Some bring along things to eat and drink. Fruit are great as they add flavor to the journey, and a theme based drink helps. However, old fashion H2O does the trick as well. Keeping yourself hydrated during this time is important to prevent cramps and Charlie horses.
  4. Wanting More: Now the fast road leads to satisfaction, but sometimes will leave you wanting more…being prepared, you can always ask for an extended stay and pay the required cost
  5. Trip B, Slow Route: For those who want the long trip,
    1. First detour is always the mountains…the scenery is nice with the peaks and valleys and the good thing about them is that you can not fall off and die, you’ll never freeze on them, and they have a direct contact to emergency rescues if you happen to get lost. Sometime the mountains have post in them that also allow for play, but be careful as these post are not always secured and can be removed, causing you a lot of money to replace.
    2. Second detour is the lower basin, this place will house several wild animals, but you will not be able to see them. You will  have to listen. They growl, gurgles, and make other strange noises. They usually quiet down when feed…Why? I don’t know…but it works..
    3. Third detour is along the lliac, femoral and saphenous trail. This trail will bring very close to your destination while also causing an eruption  to begin forming at the base. Be care along this trail as it was reported that people have actually be knocked off course due to the sudden changes that occur.
    4. Along the trail, you have many options to either continue to the bottom which can be nice, but it’s a long way back up or you can go straight to the destination.
  6. Arrival: Once you have reached the destination, explore and have fun. Don’t forget to continue to use the M.A.P and locate new places you can explore, there are plenty of hidden nooks and hidey holes for the adventurer to discover.
  7. Farewells: Now your journey have come to an end always thank the host as without them your trip really would have suck…Well lets just say it would have been a one man’s party

I hope this guide have helped you be more prepared for the journey and excitement of the female southern region, if not please give me some pointers as I am always up for new information.

The Jadedoughnut

The Doughnut Debate..Morning Time

Yawn.. I’m sleepy…I don’t want to go to work.. are the first thoughts that cross my mind when I rolled over this morning..Then the arugment..well more of a gentle debate begin between the jade and reason which I’ll call JD and RD .

RD: Ok! Get up handsome, the world awaits

JD: I don’t wanna, a few more minutes of this shit

RD: Nope, you have to get up. Its already past your wake up time and you have to get everyone else up..

JD: No I don’t, they will get up eventually..why should I get them up..she‘s still sleeping..look at her you can hear

RD: You know the deal. Plus you have to shower because you can not got to work smelling like you just got up. And by he way, next time go to bed earlier..

JD: Yeah I WAS the man last night..wonder if I got time for round four..

RD: NO! Stupid! Get up and Get a shower…

I sit up scratch my left butt cheek..Why? I don’t know..but every since I gotten older, I have developed the “old man itch,” but that’s another thing I’ll discuss on a later date..

JD: Now you happy?

I check my phone to verify the time and realized I don’t have to get up..it’s Fucking Saturday..a WTF look creeps across my face..

RD:..Oh?! Yeah.  My Bad!..Hey, but since were up..Wake her up..