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Been a while, but I have to Blog…And Being a Monday, it’s Much easier to jump back into the swing of things…Today have been a sprinkle sprayer, powdered sugar keg of a day…But it fueled my thoughts and I have more to write about then I have time to type..So today’s Doughnut Dozen will be about the reason I feel Doughnuts shouldn’t be a social worker…

  1. Rounded…You would think that a rounded individual would make a great social worker…but I have learned today..that  Nope!…Sticks are better….Straight and to the point…Who needs to come full circle about things anymore?
  2. Taste…Sweetness is a great trait to have as a social worker…being able to be kind to helpless pastries…Nope!…Not the sweetness of cane syrup, but more like sweetness of a Granny Smith Apples…Good a bitter, leave a great after taste.
  3. Solid…Someone who is determining the likelihood you are going to get your little ones back should be solid…Right?…Nope!… I have learned…that being a little flakey is best…Who needs to feel secure anymore?
  4. Dozen…A Dozens like a team…It takes everyone to make the whole thing work…Oh, Wait!…That not for social workers…plus to be Eaten first is the best experience…
  5. Variety…Another important point…Some like chocolate, powered, or even cream filled and it’s a successful practice of building a dozen, but not for social workers…We think as One..The One who Tell Command Us what to Do….
  6. Middle Hole…Great for Doughnuts…Let others see through you…but also fall in…Not for social workers…having holes or gaps in ANYTHING is bad for us…
  7. Filled…Doughnuts are filled with All kind of stuff…and so are social workers…but not the stuff of Doughnuts…unless you like, disturbing memories of what people do to other people…
  8. Packaged for Consumption…The best way to be given to the public…social workers can’t be packaged…if they are…I’m sure you Don’t want to eat them…Read #7 again
  9. Breakdown…Ever eaten a soggy Doughnut? Well to have a breakdown as a social worker is like eating a soggy Doughnut…It’s not a good thing
  10. Getting Stale…Over a period of time things better with age…Wine, Diamonds, and even Cheese…Doughnuts?…Nope…They get stale, moldy, and releases poisons…Hmm?…Sounds like a aged social worker to me
  11. Emotionless…Well Doughnuts don’t feel…They don’t care about what’s going on around them…to come to think about it…Neither do Bagels, Cream Puffs, or Sweet Tarts…But social workers should care…should feel some emotions…some do…but many don’t
  12. Flexibility…Well can’t say a Doughnut can be flexible…maybe a Doughnut for a car…They can bounce…But social workers are…they are stretchy too…Either way, this is a REAL BIG problem…flexibility leads to instability i.e. #9
  13. Simplicity…A Doughnut is a very simple thing, round, fat, predictable, and understands its purpose in life…to be eaten, enjoyed, digested and recycled…Not  the life of a social worker…It is required to be as complex as possible…because this makes a social worker stronger, wiser, and able to handle what life toss it’s way…Really? Ha! Ha!..and they call me simple

Well hoped this gave a little insight on my reasoning doughnuts do not make good social workers…being rounded is good thing…but being jaded is much better…Whatcha think?


But Why Me?

Ever wondered Why me?  Well I wonder that often and I know I should be grateful for what I have, who I am, and all the wonderful blessing that have been tossed my way; but I can’t help but think Why Me?

I have been given the gift of sight and I’m so glad that I can see as this would be one of the last senses I would want to loose….But sometime I wished I have not seen this or that….as my job requires that if I see It or hear it I should react to protect…But not today…But there are days that I wished I didn’t see this…I’m tired… don’t really want to be bothered and I already have one million and one more things to do then to add one more thing one the never ending “To do list”…But Why Me?

Why did I have to be the one to see her slap her child so hard that he slid across the floor like he was on a slip and slide? Why do I have to be there to hear the screams and see the mother run in the store and leave the child in the running car…if only for a brief moment to buy a pack of cigarettes? Why do I have to be the one who see the mother and father curse and fight in front of the children who cover their eyes because they don’t want to see mommy hit daddy once again in the mouth?…But Why Me?

What is it about me, that places me in the right place at the wrong time? Is it that I frequently visit the stores, parks, or activities where children gather? Or is it that I have a sign on my forehead that states social worker…or child protector?…But Why Me?

What is it about being Me that attracts total strangers and they begin tell me their life story or their current problems as if I’m a priest, when only I ask “Hi,” while passing.  Is it my walk? My talk? Or the way I look at them?  I do smile at people, but a smile is a good thing right?…But Why Me?

I often see things I shouldn’t, and wonder about why the person did that action instead of what would have been socially appropriate…but then I find myself think that this person don’t know what they are doing and they just need some classes or skills to teach them. Or maybe an assessment that could provide the answer to the behavior or medication…But Why Me?

Is it my training, the status I have in the community, or my demeanor? I really don’t know, but would like find out…Anyone know? Anyone can give me the answer? Can anyone tell me Why Me?