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Wow been a few days since I last posted…The holidays does that for ya I guess…Or Am I running out of ideas?…I would hate for that to happen so I  was thinking while I was taking care of the Sweet Tart’s Kitty, grooming her and all…I forgot about posting for Thanksgiving…So Today I’m gonna do that…I usually bake a dozen on Monday but today I’ll do a half dozen for the occasion…”clearing throat”…OK Today’s half dozen is about Things I’m Not Thankful For..

  1. My Height…Being five feet six inches as a male is not a good thing…especially since I only grew 2 inches from age 13 until age 21…I always got the short jokes, small feet, and over looks when it came to comparisons, but I quickly learned a few witty comebacks for attacks towards my manhood, and to smart ass women…Two of my favorites are,” Don’t let the height fool ya, big things do come in small packages” and “Vertically we equal out”
  2. Working…I hear all the time (especially since the economy tanked) “Least your working.”…Then I look at the commenter and state “Who really wants to work?”…Wouldn’t it be nice to receive a check when ever you needed, have all you needs met, while enjoying whatever You wanted to do without a single care in the world…I briefly enjoyed this as a kid and all I wanted to do was be an adult…Being a kid rocks when you have your needs and some wants met..
  3.  Aging…I would love to stay 21 physically for the rest of my natural life…I would like to continue to become wiser (as this is not age based but due to experiences) Aging…is for old folks…I hate the unexplained aches and pains, the stiff joints, lack of energy, grey hairs, and the dying part really isn’t fair to me…Wouldn’t it be cool if everyone was 21 until the end..
  4. Unrealistic expectations…I’m too logical at times…and this causes me a lot of pain…as I often place unrealistic expectations on people I deal with….I just expect for those who deal with me, to understand me, and follow basic logic when dealing with me…Is that too much too ask?
  5. The “To Do List”…This thing bothers me so much because I never can complete it…I continues to grow and grow…no matter how many things I complete on it…my job loves these…and they developed a fancy word to describe them “Alerts”….Like an alert will make me do the task any faster…or remember to do it the first place
  6. Loss of Memory…I am not thankful for this…As my short term memory is horrific…and with bad short term…my long term is lacking…I can’t remember things without writing them down…and the day to day hustle of work/life doesn’t always give me the opportunity to do so…To compensate for this loss, I have to carry a pen and paper around with me and write notes as I will forget…Ask me what I had for dinner or who I seen last night…I can’t recall…I wonder is this a sign for something worse to come?

Well this is my half dozen…what would you add to the list?


But Why Me?

Ever wondered Why me?  Well I wonder that often and I know I should be grateful for what I have, who I am, and all the wonderful blessing that have been tossed my way; but I can’t help but think Why Me?

I have been given the gift of sight and I’m so glad that I can see as this would be one of the last senses I would want to loose….But sometime I wished I have not seen this or that….as my job requires that if I see It or hear it I should react to protect…But not today…But there are days that I wished I didn’t see this…I’m tired… don’t really want to be bothered and I already have one million and one more things to do then to add one more thing one the never ending “To do list”…But Why Me?

Why did I have to be the one to see her slap her child so hard that he slid across the floor like he was on a slip and slide? Why do I have to be there to hear the screams and see the mother run in the store and leave the child in the running car…if only for a brief moment to buy a pack of cigarettes? Why do I have to be the one who see the mother and father curse and fight in front of the children who cover their eyes because they don’t want to see mommy hit daddy once again in the mouth?…But Why Me?

What is it about me, that places me in the right place at the wrong time? Is it that I frequently visit the stores, parks, or activities where children gather? Or is it that I have a sign on my forehead that states social worker…or child protector?…But Why Me?

What is it about being Me that attracts total strangers and they begin tell me their life story or their current problems as if I’m a priest, when only I ask “Hi,” while passing.  Is it my walk? My talk? Or the way I look at them?  I do smile at people, but a smile is a good thing right?…But Why Me?

I often see things I shouldn’t, and wonder about why the person did that action instead of what would have been socially appropriate…but then I find myself think that this person don’t know what they are doing and they just need some classes or skills to teach them. Or maybe an assessment that could provide the answer to the behavior or medication…But Why Me?

Is it my training, the status I have in the community, or my demeanor? I really don’t know, but would like find out…Anyone know? Anyone can give me the answer? Can anyone tell me Why Me?