Today, my mind goes south….Why? Maybe cause I’m male- I was told that’s what most males think ’bout anyway…Maybe I’m just that type of guy? Me, “surprised look”…Either way, all I can think about today is the soft regions of the female anatomy…I often wonder why are the soft regions of the female… so soft,  so pleasurable and enticing…it’s like one of the best regions to visit in the world…why pay all that money to visit another country…just find a willing participant and explore…You can get lost, found, sink, and unfortunately sometimes drown…to prevent unwanted harm to oneself, be sure to bring the essentials… for every traveler needs to be prepare for the journey ahead…To help my explorers- male or female….I’ve thought of a travel’s guide that one should consider…

  1. Preparation: As with any journey, preparation is the key so don’t forget to use your M.A.P. Whether this is a paid journey or free one, you must bring what will:
    1. One cause this to be the most enjoyable trip
    2.  Two keep you safe.  For a journey with no return sounds like death to me
  1. Decision: Once the destination is determined, next you have to decided on how long you are going to stay. Sometime a quick journey is just a satisfying as a long one. This decision is usually determined by the price you pay or the amount of time you have to invest
  2. Departure: After agreement of the time frame is settled, you have to begin your journey. Most places you go require you to determine how you are going to get there. Now you can get there quickly if you are in a hurry and take the straight approach; but if you prefer a slower trip, you can take few detours before you reach your destination. Now this can be satisfying also, but usually cost more or either your money or time…but hey you only travel this road once right?
  3. Trip A, Quick Route: So lets say your going to take the fast road, and go straight to the destination. Well be sure you at least bring things that protect you from the elements.  Raincoats or ponchos are a must.  Petroleum based products are good also, don’t want any chapping or burning. Some bring along things to eat and drink. Fruit are great as they add flavor to the journey, and a theme based drink helps. However, old fashion H2O does the trick as well. Keeping yourself hydrated during this time is important to prevent cramps and Charlie horses.
  4. Wanting More: Now the fast road leads to satisfaction, but sometimes will leave you wanting more…being prepared, you can always ask for an extended stay and pay the required cost
  5. Trip B, Slow Route: For those who want the long trip,
    1. First detour is always the mountains…the scenery is nice with the peaks and valleys and the good thing about them is that you can not fall off and die, you’ll never freeze on them, and they have a direct contact to emergency rescues if you happen to get lost. Sometime the mountains have post in them that also allow for play, but be careful as these post are not always secured and can be removed, causing you a lot of money to replace.
    2. Second detour is the lower basin, this place will house several wild animals, but you will not be able to see them. You will  have to listen. They growl, gurgles, and make other strange noises. They usually quiet down when feed…Why? I don’t know…but it works..
    3. Third detour is along the lliac, femoral and saphenous trail. This trail will bring very close to your destination while also causing an eruption  to begin forming at the base. Be care along this trail as it was reported that people have actually be knocked off course due to the sudden changes that occur.
    4. Along the trail, you have many options to either continue to the bottom which can be nice, but it’s a long way back up or you can go straight to the destination.
  6. Arrival: Once you have reached the destination, explore and have fun. Don’t forget to continue to use the M.A.P and locate new places you can explore, there are plenty of hidden nooks and hidey holes for the adventurer to discover.
  7. Farewells: Now your journey have come to an end always thank the host as without them your trip really would have suck…Well lets just say it would have been a one man’s party

I hope this guide have helped you be more prepared for the journey and excitement of the female southern region, if not please give me some pointers as I am always up for new information.

The Jadedoughnut